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Last week, despite fumbling the game-winning drive away, it was quarterback Teddy Bridgewater that stole this weekly award via your votes. He’s got a great chance at doing it again this week, under happier circumstances, which would give him his third win of the year here at VT.

There is no doubt that Mike Zimmer has improved greatly in an enormously important section of the standings – division record – and the team is still in a position to win the NFC North with just two weeks of football left.

Sunday’s convincing 38-17 victory against Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears is significant in that Minnesota has swept two of their NFC North opponents in 2015. Only the Packers, a team Zimmer has yet to beat as Head Coach, remain on the schedule and that final regular season is still a potential matchup that determines the division championship.

A number of Vikings players stood out on Sunday, and there is plenty of reason to celebrate them, and what better way than by nominating them for this heralded (by me) award? Your Week Fifteen nominations are…


Teddy “game manager” Bridgewater was aided plenty on his way to his best performance of his career, most notably by yards gained after the catch, but there is no denying that we was playing some lights out football versus Chicago. He ended the day with an 85% completion rate, 231 yards, and four passing touchdowns. He added 17 yards and another score on four rushing attempts.

On third downs, Bridgewater was playing as good as anyone has in the NFL all season long. He completed eight of his nine third down attempts for 119 yards and three touchdowns. His 12 yard touchdown run also came on third down.

He turned the ball over zero times, took only one sack, and closed the day out with an incredible 154.4 quarterback rating. The performance was hopefully a glimpse of what life as a Vikings fan will feel like over the next decade or so.


I’m not willing to say McKinnon was marvelous as a replacement for Adrian Peterson after Peterson left the game with an angle injury, as McKinnon only rushed for 10 yards on seven carries, but he proved to be a dangerous pass catching option out of the backfield.

McKinnon led the team in both catches (4) and receiving yards (76) proving that he can add a dimension to this offense when he’s on the field.


It was great to see a bump in production, after a quiet couple of weeks, from the rookie receiver Stefon Diggs. He only caught three passes on the day, for 55 yards in total, but two of them went for touchdowns and it is incredibly difficult to decide which of those scores deserves more “style points.” Diggs tacked on 22 yards on a kick return, as well.


The veteran defensive end has been stringing together a nice season for himself and today was another example of what he can still offer this Mike Zimmer defense. Robison ended the day with two tackles, a sack in which he stripped Cutler of the ball and recovered the ball himself. The box score doesn’t accurately represent how disruptive he was on a mostly-consistent basis Sunday afternoon.


Speaking of disruptive, Floyd turned in another solid performance from the nose tackle position, playing out of position with Linval Joseph sidelined with injury issues. Floyd ended the day with three tackles, half a sack, and a beautifully batted ball at the line of scrimmage. Like Robison, Floyd was harassing Cutler all day long, and was a big reason the team was able to generate five sacks on the day.


The young “project player” is turning out to be a dependable option and very valuable depth at the defensive end position. Hunter and his gigantic arms flashed, once again, at multiple points throughout Sunday’s game. He led the defensive line with five tackles, a sack and a half, did a nice job keeping containment on Cutler who only gained one rushing yard throughout the entire 60 minutes of the game.


How great is it to see Chad Greenway playing some good football this year? The guy looks like he’s having fun out there and he is chipping in some valuable contributions on a weekly basis. Greenway ended Sunday’s game with five tackles, one for a loss, and a shirt-sleeve sack of Cutler. Oh, and don’t forget, use #GreenwayWPMOYChallenge on social media this month to cast your vote for Greenway as 2015’s Man of the Year winner, he deserves it.


As always, feel free to chime in via the comments section if you feel like I have your Player of the Game.

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WEEK SIX: Stefon Diggs

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WEEK FOURTEEN: Teddy Bridgewater

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  1. Gotta go with Zach Line this week, Adam. He dropped a sure TD pass in the first quarter, rare for Line. Not one to accept defeat, Zach went on to catch the game winning TD Pass from Teddy in the fourth quarter.

    The Vikings have won every single game when Zach Line gets his hands on the ball. Clearly, other Viking players are inspired when Zach runs for one yard. How else can anyone possible explain the wins. Maybe Norv is saving this secret weapon for the playoffs.

  2. I wish I could vote for all these guys but Teddy’s stats are staggering. Don’t get much better than that zee

  3. Gotta love it. Aside from Teddy’s improvements, the team as a whole, including coaches game plan and putting their players in best position to succeed has vastly improved.
    I feel running the stretch play runs and play actioning off of that helps Theodore immensely. Also, improving clock management and getting play calls in faster helps the 2nd yr QB in his first full season of starting be able to read the defensive formations and identify blitzes much better. Asking a 2nd yr QB to do those things with 6 seconds left on the play clock (like often against Seattle) puts him in position to fail imho.
    Let’s hope the O-line continues to gel and perform better against teams with a more notorious pass rush, because if they do, we can be pretty scary in the post-season where running the ball and solid defense are very important.
    Thanks for including Greenway Adam 😉

  4. 1 – Wondering how much added success Teddy could have were he allowed to throw the ball on first down when all 11 defenders are looking at AP. 2 – In spite of it all, I think Robison’s strip sack was the play of the game. Took the 2nd half momentum right back from the onside kick recovery. 3 – Also wondering if Patterson is feeling just a little embarrassed that any receiver added to the team moves ahead of him on the depth chart. Johnson has been injured and Patterson still is seen on the field about as often as a rooster pheasant in a parking ramp. Not sure a few career TD’s on KO returns is worth a roster spot.

    1. Agree 100% Coach. This running AD up the middle on every first play of every game is really getting old. This Patterson situation really baffles me? Get him a few bubble screens and reverses and runs. Dude is too explosive to just park on the bench.

    2. Four touchdowns and only one fumble in 107 kickoff returns and an average of almost 30 yards per KO return over three years is absolutely, positively worth a roster spot on this or any other team. Hell, if Patterson keeps up this pace through next season, I wouldn’t be surprised if the team exercises their fifth-year option on him even if he never catches a pass or runs from scrimmage for us again. The reality is, Patterson may have to go to another team running a different offensive system for him to ever justify being drafted in the first round, but if he stays healthy and is a good teammate, returning kickoffs at an All-Pro level justifies whatever the Vikings are paying him on his rookie contract.

      1. no they wouldn’t use the 5th year option, because he would then earn top 15 receiver money, which is way to much for a very talented KO returner

      2. Wondering if even his teammates would agree with you, cka. I know how I felt about him treating one of those four TD’s like a game winner in a lopsided loss. So if someone else can average 24 yards per kick return and maybe two TD’s and one fumble in three years… is Patterson still worth it? I’m sure many Super Bowl winning seasons have included 0 KO returns for TD’s.
        As you know, johnny, lots of physical talent has come and gone in the NFL due to a lack of talent above the neck. There’s something about this kid that isn’t sitting well with the Vikes. The fact he hangs at the bottom of the receiver depth chart is problematic to me, and I’m not sure its due to our “system”. We got more out of Adam Thielen yesterday than we did Patterson, which should be embarrassing to a first round draft pick (no offense to Adam Thielen intended)

  5. Seeing the game live I went with Diggs. He was dominating a solid Chicago secondary and open nearly every play. If they wanted to run up the score he really could have had 200 yards with how many times he beat the defense.

    1. I was there Skol! Diggs is a player, very talented and it would be wise to get him the ball more. But Bridgewater went 17 of 20 with FOUR TD passes and ran another in, so I’m going with Ted.

  6. Teddy all the way. Surprised Greenway was in the mix. It is pretty obvious that he has lost at least a step and couldn’t cover his position like he used to. Glad to have his experience and I’m sure he helps the rookie LB’s but player of the game??? Not even close.