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Last week, it was Vikings cornerback Terence Newman that won the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Week award and the even more heralded (by me) Vikings Territory Player of the Game award. His two interception performance against Oakland launched him into the decisive victory on our poll, even though Adrian Peterson turned in an impressive 200-plus yard game.

This week the overall team performance was far less impressive in the 30-13 loss to Green Bay at home. Individual performances predictably are far less exciting as a result.

Regardless, even during the sour times, we push on and anoint a player every week. Here are the 2015 winners through nine games of Vikings football:

WEEK ONE: Anthony Barr

WEEK TWO: Adrian Peterson

WEEK THREE: Harrison Smith

WEEK FOUR: Linval Joseph

WEEK SIX: Stefon Diggs

WEEK SEVEN: Stefon Diggs

WEEK EIGHT: Stefon Diggs

WEEK NINE: Linval Joseph

WEEK TEN: Terence Newman

Now, onto this week’s nominations:


Teddy Bridgewater dropped back to pass 47 times and, according to Pro Football Focus, was pressured on nearly 60% of those snaps. Bridgewater wasn’t able to make that pressure look invisible through his poise, but he did show a certain amount of grit throughout the game and deserves credit for beginning to mount a possible comeback before Adrian Peterson fumbled away all hope. Bridgewater amassed 296 passing yards, completed 25 of his 37 passing attempts, had one touchdown and posted a quarterback rating of 100.7 while adding another 43 yards on four rushing attempts. It was also his second consecutive game without committing a turnover.

Some people saw Bridgewater as a bright spot on Sunday. Some saw this game as a sign that he isn’t the long-term answer. The gap between these two sets of Vikings fans miffs me, to be honest, but Bridgewater is nominated for the crowd that saw him as a real team leader on Sunday.


It wasn’t exactly graceful, but Kyle Rudolph’s career-long 47 yard touchdown against Green Bay was probably the best play any player made all game long. Rudolph ended up being Bridgewater’s most reliable target on the day, hauling in six passes for 106 and yards (and that score). It was the type of game Rudolph needed to put on display, but it is a catch-22 to have your tight ends running routes when your offensive line appears to be overwhelmed as often as ours does.


This guy just keeps showing up in these nominations, but this week’s performance wasn’t quite as dominating as his previous ones, doubtless due to Aaron Rodgers and his ability to outmaneuver defenders on a fairly consistent basis. Joseph still led the team in tackles this week, however, notching another nine to his name. Joseph didn’t stop anyone behind the line this week, but if you watch the game closely you will see that it was his surprising hustle and recovery that helped prevent some positive rushing attempts from getting out of hand.


Everson Griffen had himself a decent day, all things being considered. He was credited with four tackles, two for a loss, a sack, two hits on the quarterback, and a batted pass. Third down wasn’t exactly an easy situation for the Packers on Sunday, they went 6 of 16, and a lot of that had to do with the pass-rushing disruption Griffen brought to the table in most instances.

OTHER: I don’t know. Danielle Hunter? Zach Line? Xavier Rhodes? Stefon Diggs? If you don’t like my nominations, feel free to click “OTHER” and let me know about your vote in the comments section.


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  1. Hard to pick here Adam after being so dominated throughout the second half, Joseph’s roughing penalty was foolish at best, hard to over look that despite his grit. Jarius made some clutch catches… but despite Teddy looking unable to feel the rush and dodge accordingly (not to mention getting fore armed in the head, face masked, and maybe a finger in the eye that was not called.. sorry, still a bit miffed over the terrible officiating in the first half) he still put up a lot of yards and a very respectable qb rating.. I have to go with Teddy. Still don’t think that you are a hack!! SKOL!!!

  2. Gotta go with Zach Line here. His blocking is the only reason Peterson topped the 1,000 yard plateau. The contest would have been winnable if Line received more carries. Plus those epic kick off returns. I say we cut Patterson and exclusively use Zach Line as the kick off return man.

    1. So I guess Line is our newest Jeff Dugan STUD? I went with Rudolph for finally having that breakout game we’ve been waiting so long for

  3. Hard to pick a winner here. Didn’t stop the run, nor did we contain Rodgers. If we can’t do that, we won’t win another game this year. Three teams kept Rodgers contained but we couldn’t do it. It just blows my mind..

  4. I’ll go with Ted. He toughed this one out. One thing though…Teddy, you are the man. There is no doubt in my mind that you should be our QB for the next 12 to 15 years. That being said, and Zim mentioned this at today’s press talk…the ball has to come out on those hitch routes. They are not wide open when the WR makes his cut, but you have to throw it. Gotta let some of those go…One, two, three, ball has to be thrown! He’s young, I get it.

  5. really don’t feel like voting for anyone. there’s no enthusiasm for it, but to give it to rudolph when we might never get that chance again is tempting, however, TB had good yardage while the running game didn’t, and we got one TD from each, so TB is my choice

    how did the lions just beat GB and we didn’t? as much as i’ve learned to insulate myself from getting my hopes up too much about this team, it still sucks to lose these kinds of games

  6. I’m dying to hear who our famous fanboi, Mike Kano, thinks is player of the game.

    The smart money says he’ll pick that hack, Joe Buck.

  7. “Some saw this game as a sign that he isn’t the long-term answer.”

    What? Anyone who thinks that is blinded by the assumption that the vikes can’t possible have a strong QB.

    All things considered Teddy had a great game. Yes, he held onto the ball far too long, far too often, but he was trying to make something happen because his team clearly wasn’t going to help him win.