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Last week, it was rookie Stefon Diggs that swiped this heralded (by me) award in his first career start by getting more than 70% of your votes. This week, he might be in for a repeat performance here at VT, but first I want to give a few quick thoughts on my very first game experience at Ford Field in Detroit:

  1. You Vikings fans are awesome! You guys were everywhere! There were scores of Vikings fans tailgating outside of the stadium, filling seats everywhere from the front row all the way to nose bleeds, and showing their pride all day long by sporting that purple and gold. It was great to see how well represented the fan base was on Sunday and a big “Skol!” to those of you VT readers that stopped me to say “hi” (I was rocking a VT shirt).
  2. I’m looking forward to attending my first game at U.S. Bank Stadium and seeing just how better that “fan experience” will be compared to the decade(ish)-old Ford Field. You hear a lot about the “fan experience” in relation to NFL stadiums these days, as fans are finding it far more comfortable and convenient (and cheaper) to stay home and watch the game. With zero cell reception or wi-fi options, minimal updates from other games being played, and underwhelming screens… I mean, it was better than the Metrodome and it was incredibly clean, but I did come away fairly underwhelmed.
  3. I feel bad for the Detroit Lions fan base. They are clearly defeated as a whole and I’ve never been to an NFL game that was so, well… calm. I mean, I was glad to see the fans were classy and considerate compared to their NFC North counterparts in Chicago and Green Bay, but they also seemed void of any excitement about their team at all. Even when the Lions were leading, the reaction was quite tame relative to other games I’ve been to.

Okay, enough about that, onto the nominations for this week’s award.


I was only one stutter step away from nailing my bold prediction this week. Still, I’ll gladly accept the end result, which was Teddy Bridgewater turning in a stellar performance and the Vikings getting a road win against a division opponent. Bridgewater ended up completing 25 of his 35 passing attempts for 316 yards and two scores. He endured four sacks and fumbled the ball twice (one was that Adrian Peterson handoff – assign blame as you like), but he didn’t throw any interceptions and was largely in command once the first quarter came and went. Bridgewater finally found success with his deep ball and, according to Pro Football Focus, he connected on seven passes deeper than 10 yards for 147 yards and a touchdown. One last stat: Bridgewater completed passes to 11 different players.


In his second career start, Stefon Diggs tallied another excellent performance and has established himself as the most exciting thing this offense has to offer. Diggs is running pristine routes, showing heart and desire to be great with every action, and is producing yards and points for an offense that desperately needs a spark. Diggs led the Vikings with six catches for 108 yards and a touchdown that is quite possibly the best highlight this offense has produced to date. He also ran the ball once for a nine yard gain, letting future opponents know they’ll need to account for him in nearly every possible situation.


How great is it that Linval Joseph is a consistent nominee for this award? The guy is playing some excellent football in his second year with the Vikings and Detroit’s running game certainly suffered because of it. Joseph tied for second on the team with six tackles and was an extra large reason why the Lions couldn’t get things rolling on the ground… even on crucial short yardage downs. The Lions ended up with 77 yards rushing on the day and Joseph was a primary reason for that lack of success.


You know your defense had a good day when the opponents offensive coaches are getting fired the following afternoon. You also know that your rookie inside linebacker is very effective when the Lions fan sitting right next to you consistently mutters “apparently number fifty-four can’t be blocked” throughout the entire second half. Kendricks and his defense got off to a rough start on Sunday, but they didn’t fold their cards when the going got tough, and instead harassed Matt Stafford for the remainder of the game and completely stalled out a potent Detroit offense. Kendricks ended his day with six solo tackles, two sacks, three hits on the quarterback, and three tackles for a loss to his name. Another impressive outing for the rookie linebacker.


There were a number of other solid performances on Sunday worth noting, but I think I pretty well narrowed things down to the four serious contenders above. With that being said, if your vote belongs to someone else then be sure to vote “OTHER” and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.




The previous winners of this award for 2015 are as follows:

WEEK ONE: Anthony Barr

WEEK TWO: Adrian Peterson

WEEK THREE: Harrison Smith

WEEK FOUR: Linval Joseph

WEEK SIX: Stefon Diggs

Will Teddy Bridgewater get his first weekly award for 2015? Will Stefon Diggs make it two in a row? Will Linval Joseph take the lead with two on the year? Be sure to check into our Schedule Page to keep current with all the results throughout the season.

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  1. Not going to say “I Digg it”…darn it, I just did. I do dig Diggs, and I have dig dugged. But I don’t dig digging, that’s some hard work.
    I went with Teddy! So there. I would really love to see Teddy pitch a shovel pass to Diggs.

    1. How? How was Teddy even nominated, I thought his performance was quite poor. His statistics were 10x better than his eye test results.

      His passes were off target and corralled by excellent grabs, Diggs had to sprawl out diving in the end zone for that TD. Diggs was wide open and made a great play on a terrible pass (overthrown as usual).

      Teddy also had no pocket presence. He took 4 sacks and probably only should have taken 1, unfortunately he seems unable to feel when protection breaks down. The fumbles were ugly as well.

      Overall I’d have given Teddy a “C” grade, and it’s that high because of the great stats.

      PS: That was a great pass to Line but again it was a very easy short throw, the read is what made it excellent.

      1. I agree Skol,don’t understand all the love for Teddy.He’s taking sacks that he doesn’t need to,which is a little worrisome for me.Diggs,Kendricks & Linval all ahead of Teddy in this game.

      2. we are clearly watching two different games… Teddy’s pocket presence is as good as it gets..he isnt taking more sacks than he should..he is avoiding sacks that most others would take. I honestly dont understand what you are watching

      3. You are just wrong. Teddy played very well, 10 times better? 10! So he should’ve only had 32 yards passing?
        Passes were off target? Yeah, great catch by Diggs…what about the one he laid in there perfect for Wright, and he dropped it? Your “overthrown as usual” shows that you are very biased toward young Teddy.
        No pocket presence? Dude, he has great pocket presence for a 22 year old. Best we’ve had since Favre…by FAR. He did hold the ball too long a couple times. He is young…he feels the pressure just fine. He took some good hits in there, and didn’t panic, would you rather that?
        How many times did we punt? Once? It sure as hell wasn’t the running game. If you are able, go watch the game again. Maybe take off the anti- Teddy glasses this time. He threw some great passes, you must’ve missed those.

        1. watch the Diggs TD pass again. Before the snap TB looks over the defense, sees the coverage and tries to get the snap out ASAP..looks like he noticed something and changed the primary play… he then looks off the safety and starts his throw before Diggs is wide open. Digds’ part of the play is just as impressive… he sets up the corner and breaks back to the middle the instant Mathis’ shoulder starts to turn… after he catches the ball in the air he brings it into his body and then as he is falling he turns his body to the side so he doesnt fall on the ball allowing him to complete the act of securing it. I LOVE this play .. not because of the great athletic feat is was… but because it was only made possible by two very young players making very very veteran savvy plays…. the vast majoriy of my adult life we have lacked savvy from the QB position… I think we finally have it.

  2. While Stefon has shown indications of an elite WR pediggree, and a vote for him is certainly diggnified, I had to go with Kendricks. It just felt like he was all over the field, being disruptive as hell. Don’t get me wrong, Diggs probably deserves it, but I’m sure his prodiggal talents will probably earn him many votes throughout the year.

  3. Zach Line.
    His 49 yard reception was the longest of the day. Clearly, it inspired the entire team. Especially Eric Kendricks, ’cause that guy played his okole off.

  4. Three comments: (1) I voted for Linval because of the goal line stand – could have changed the game – as well as the rest of the play of this unsung hero (best DT Zimmer has coached). (2) Could easily have voted for Kendricks – but then really it was a team win. (3) I too have some compassion for Lions fans, as I’ve lived 60 miles south my whole life. Last two years I attended preseason games at Ford Field. This year the stands were way more packed than usual – they were so hopeful and excited. Sunday they looked so glum and defeated.

  5. Well once again, I would have voted for Harrison Smith but I still haven’t received my signed jersey from him, so I’m going with Diggs. Linval was a close 2nd and Teddy, well Teddy is starting to do the things I expect out of a great QB, so his 300+ yards, no INTS, 11 receivers hit. . .etc, is to be expected. No cigar this week Teddy. Lets see 400 yards next week against the Bears and you’ll get my vote.

  6. Let’s be realistic. Diggs was by far the biggest standout on the team yesterday. Solid team effort from everyone else but Diggs’s name was being called all game despite not getting 100% of the snaps.

    If he wasn’t voted in last week he would be getting 70% or more of the vote this week. He definitely looks like the Vikings best receiver and potentially a star.

    I would put Teddy as my number two then probably Linval.