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mock draft roundup
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Who won the draft?

In the grand scheme of football things, that generally doesn’t matter—winning the Super Bowl does. But to simplify it to that ignores the massive amounts of work and effort that goes into a playoff push, where the draft is often key.

We don’t know who “won” the draft in the context of results-based grading, because we don’t know the results. But if we’re just as willing to give prospects “round grades” or evaluate whether or not a team made a good pick, we should be able to summarize our thoughts on those teams, and the easiest way to do that is “grades.”

So in the sense that one can’t “grade” the draft until we’re three years out, I suppose that’s true but not useful information. In the same way that we can’t criticize a coach hire, a free agency move or a trade until we’re three years into the contract, we can’t criticize player acquisitions in the draft until we’re through.

But there’s no point to analysis if we’re going to defer it to an unknowable future—you wouldn’t read this blog if you weren’t willing to engage in some speculation. We predict win-loss records, argue that a team may make the playoffs or not, say that one team is destined to succeed or fail, and no one minds that. But when people “grade drafts” that’s too soon.

Anyway, so long as we have information on how people grade prospects, we have information on what people in the aggregate think about the talent a team has acquired.

To the Consensus Board!

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    It wasn’t quick and it certainly wasn’t painless, but the return of one of the best Minnesota Vikings of all time seems all but certain at this point.

    Some have questioned our varied coverage of Peterson’s unraveling ever since he was charged in an incident involving injuries to his son. With the saga now coming to a resolution, however, I want to clarify that the way Peterson’s career was derailed over these previous months stings each of us here at VT, and we all wish things had happened very differently.

    With all signs now pointing towards a return (including agent Ben Dogra’s sudden change in tone), we all hope that Peterson is able to make things right within his family, and are interested to see just how well he will be able to pick up where things left off.

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    The moments immediately following the conclusion of the NFL Draft are hectic for undrafted prospects, front offices, agents, and media members alike. Ever since getting duped by reports of LeGarrette Blount signing with the Vikings years ago, I’ve hedged on the side of letting the dust settle before trying to track the signings.

    The dust appears (disclosure: the team hasn’t announced anything yet) to have settled this year, and reports from multiple outlets have the Vikings reaching post-Draft agreements with the following rookies:

    DAVARIS DANIELS, WR, NOTRE DAME: At 6′ 1″ and 201 pounds, Daniels was a guy on the rise in the Notre Dame system prior to being suspended for an academic honesty scandal. Nothing blows me away about this guy.

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    With their final pick in the final round of the 2015 NFL Draft, the Minnesota Vikings selected Newberry linebacker Edmond Robinson.

    The linebacker prospect has some impressive measurables (6′ 3″ and 245 pounds) and displays some athletic traits when going through all of the drills.

    He has spent some time at safety and can move around within the defense. He also projects as an interesting toy for the Vikings when it comes to the coverage team. If he can add some weight, gain some experience, and develop his skill set then he might just stand a chance at making the final roster.

    VT‘s own Austin Belisle profiled Robinson as a potential “Sleeper”  and you can read that assessment by CLICKING HERE.

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    With the 228th selection in the 2015 NFL Draft, their first of the seventh round, the Vikings selected another offensive lineman.

    Alabama tackle Austin Shepherd out of Alabama joins T.J. Clemmings and Tyrus Thompson as an apparent effort to bolster the offensive line in the later hours of the 2015 NFL Draft.

    At 6′ 4″ and 325 pounds, Shepherd was a two year starter in college, replacing D.J. Fluker. His somewhat limited athletic ability means he will likely slide inside and be a potential contributor at the guard position.

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