Friday, October 9, 2015

The Vikings are no longer involved in any sort of playoff possibility, but this week’s matchup against the 7-7 Miami Dolphins presents a decent challenge and plenty of people will be watching this road game for continued progression out of Mike Zimmer’s young roster.  Here is the best of the best from around the internet:

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The first guest post contributed by Seth Forst was quite well received and he’s decided to add a second contribution.  Again, we are usually trying to encourage new writers to develop their skills via guest posts here at VT, so be sure to leave Seth your feedback in the comments section.

His second article focuses on free agency, which we’ve touched on quite a bit here over the last week, and he does a nice job breaking down some different aspects.  If you notice some discrepancies between his information and what we’ve already presented here at VT, please understand that the free agent status of every single player isn’t fully known yet, as the season isn’t yet over.  For the sake of understanding the source, Seth used Spotrac for his research.


2015 Vikings Free Agent Primer

By Seth Forst

With the end of every NFL season, fan bases from Philly to Kansas City to Oakland are filled with a renewed sense of hope. “This will be the offseason that changes everything”, we all convince ourselves. Alas, it’s been 53 seasons of Viking football, and those hopes and dreams have yet to come to fruition. Nevertheless, the Vikings will begin season number 54 much the same as they’ve always done, and the Vikings fan base will invest in the same hopes and dreams as in so many seasons gone by.

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Mike Zimmer announced on Friday that rookie linebacker Anthony Barr will need to have a relatively minor knee surgery and his promising rookie season is over.

Barr was the highest draft pick for the Vikings in Zimmer’s first year as head coach and early indications were that it was a match made in heaven.  This injury is a setback, but he should be fully ready to go in 2015, and all indications are that he will be a key component of this much-improved defense.

Barr last played against Carolina on November 30th which means he appeared in 12 games this season.  In those games he managed to amass 70 tackles, four sacks, two forced fumbles, three deflected passes, and three recovered fumbles.  His best moment came against Tampa Bay when his defensive score resulted in an overtime win.

The ninth overall selection of the 2014 Draft seems like a keeper and we’ll plan on keeping you plenty updated on his status between now and next year’s regular season opener.

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Well, we haven’t seen all 16 games of the 2014 regular season and the Vikings still have 120 minutes of football to play, but I think we have seen enough to start up the old Irresponsible Speculation Machine (I.S.M – trademarked!) and look towards the 2015 offseason and what we might expect.

I’ve already compiled an early list of the Vikings free agents potentially headed for the open market, while Arif attempted to project Minnesota’s cap situation, so now we get down to the task of identifying the top needs across the roster moving forward.  Obviously a team that has only won six of their first 14 games, none of which have come against teams with winning records, has plenty of room for improvement across the board.

Still, I’m going to attempt the dangerous task of narrowing it down to five, and in my most daring and harrowing feat to-date I will put them in order.  See you in the comments section, Vikings junkies!

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