Sunday, June 26, 2016

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Adam: Zack Martin, G
Obviously, a number of quarterbacks have to be in consideration here, including one in particular that would hurt our worst enemy as much as it would help this team. But I know that isn’t in the spirit of this question, and I really do have faith that Teddy Bridgewater is a guy capable of leading us to the promised land. I’m also tempted to add a dominant game-changer like DeAndre Hopkins, Devonta Freeman or Rob Gronkowski… but will refrain.

Instead, I’m going to add a bullying young guard to help this offensive line get things rolling in the right direction. 24-year-old Zack Martin, upon being drafted by Dallas 16th in 2014, has played a huge part in transforming the Cowboys offense in a hugely positive way (until all the injuries, anyways). He’s playing as good of football as any guard in the league right now and certainly appears to be a guy capable of playing at a Pro Bowl level for a decade or so. Mike Zimmer’s defense is only getting better, but our offense can’t consistently put full drives together unless it experiences some major growth and improvement along the offensive line… Martin would instantly make them better by a lot.

Brent: Zack Martin, G
Martin is young and very, very good and would be an immediate upgrade on the offensive line. I am fairly happy with the rest of the Vikings team, but the offensive line needs some major retooling in order to help the offense and Martin would fit the bill. Equally good in run and pass blocking, Martin would serve as the anchor in the middle of the Vikings offensive line and provide some confidence in blitz pick ups, while also helping to create additional space in the running game.

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The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings are looking to get win cuatro of the 2015 campaign as they descend on Motown to take on the uno-and-five Detroit Motor City Kitties Sunday afternoon at Ford Field.

We welcome back friend of the show Michael Grey (WBBL Grand Rapids) to talk about the Purple and the Blue and who will suck less in the Week 7 throwdown. Topics include: Is Stefon Diggs Antonio Brown? (Not Yet), Matthew Stafford should just YOLO the ball to Megatron like he’s always done and if a banged up Lions defense can shut down Adrian (Loss of One) Peterson.

All that and other “Mike Williams is fat” nonsense on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint.

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With some strange scheduling, the Vikings will wrap up their two game season series with the Detroit Lions prior to facing either the Chicago Bears or Green Bay Packers. Although odd, you can make an argument that this is for the best, seeing Detroit seems to be reeling in 2015, regardless of recording their first victory of the season last weekend.

Thought to be a challenger for NFC North supremacy entering the season, the Lions have purred more than roared and find themselves looking at a top 10 draft pick this upcoming spring.

Because the Vikings faced the Lions in week 2, there should be plenty of game film for the teams to review. With that, come new wrinkles in hopes of not becoming overly predictable. Will it be enough to throw off the Vikings defense? I don’t think so. Still, let’s review our preview from week 2 and see what has changed as we have crossed the quarter season mark.

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Today is the day Marty McFly came to the future. So it makes sense that we go BACK to October 26, 1985 from Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings perspective and check in on the team with Bud Grant at the helm (2nd stint, final season), 494-Tommy Kramer under center, and a no-name defensive backs coach named Peter Carroll (Marc Trestman was there too, but who cares). October 26th was the day before the (4-3) Vikings went into Solider Field to take on the (7-0) future Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears and that 46 Defense. Things did not go ideally.

Di Murphy of The Daily Norseman makes her weekly stop to talk about everything Minnesota Fightin’ Stefon Diggs Vikings related. We chat about the impact of the mercurial wideout and if he can sustain his initial success, how badly we want to get in on the Vikings Donut Club, why Harrison Smith is STILL somehow underrated, Di tees off on the NFL’s Pink Campaign as well as Greg Hardy, and if we’re scared about going into Detroit to take on the (1-5) Motor City Kitties on Sunday.

All that and other “Maple Long Johns FTW” nonsense on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint.

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On Tuesday afternoon, Chad Greenway proudly introduced his seventh “Chad’s Locker,” this time at Hutchinson Health. The locker included kid-friendly electronics and games, providing an outlet for countless patients and families who come through the hospital on a weekly basis. Greenway said the following as an introduction to the latest locker installment:

“This is an honor. Clearly this is something that Hutchinson was ready for. There’s definitely a need, and we’re so excited to be here […]. The reason we love our locker so much is because we can put it in a place like this where a lot of times the family doesn’t necessarily want to be but has to be, and it’s our biggest chance to reach out and positively affect as many people as we cankids, families, moms and dads. The goodies that are inside of there can go a long way to help any little bit that we can. Sometimes it’s just enough to throw on some cartoons on the iPad or do something like that to pass the time. It’s an honor for us to bring it here, and we’re certainly excited about that.” 

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