Saturday, December 3, 2016

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Minnesota Vikings-Dallas Cowboys

The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings’ 2016 campaign effectively came to a close Thursday night at Historic US Bank Stadium as the Purple fell to the Dallas Cowboys 17-15. Special teams errors, penalties, and missed opportunities plagued interim head coach Mike Priefer’s debut. We recap the game and take a look forward as the Vikings play out the 2016 string.

Today’s 10-Days Til Jacksonville Talkers Include:
• This Could Have Been Sam Bradford’s Career Defining Game
• Mike Priefer Assessment
• The Defense Held the Cowboys in Check Except…
• The Mandatory Offensive Line Talking Point
• The Penalties Were Murder
• What Happened with the Special Teams?
• Charles Johnson Has to Go
• Loose Thoughts
• So What Now?
• Mike Zimmer Needs to Take the Rest of 2016 Off

All that and more “Go Texans, Go Saints” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint


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Five thoughts on the Vikings' loss to the Cowboys.

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1. They had it. They had the game won.

I don’t care what happened afterward. With 10:39 in the fourth quarter, the score was 9-7 and the Vikings had the game in hand. Dallas was punting and the defense was playing out of its mind. All they had to do was not turn it over. All they had to do was keep doing what they were doing; move the ball a little, pin the Cowboys deep, maybe get a field goal or two. They had it.

But then, the guy who never screws up—Adam Thielen—screwed up. He fumbled the punt in the red zone, and Dallas scored on the next play. The momentum that had been slowly built by long field goal drives was promptly sucked out of the building. Even during the final touchdown drive, and the two-point conversion attempt, and the missed facemask penalty on Sam Bradford, it seemed hopeless. They should’ve had it in the bag.

Even as a lifelong Vikings fan, it’s amazing to me how this team keeps finding new and creative ways to blow games. It’s impressive, really.

Wow. That one hurt.

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In the Minnesota Vikings first game without head coach Mike Zimmer on the sidelines since the Leslie Frazier era (if there is such a thing), the purple and gold could not pull out a win over the best team in the NFL this season. In front of a home crowd at U.S. Bank Stadium, the Vikings suffered a narrow 17-15 loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday night.

The loss is Minnesota’s sixth in their last seven games and the Vikings’ chance at making the playoffs is continuing resemble that of Benjamin Button’s syndrome. Once thought of being a challenger for the top seed in the NFC, Minnesota will now need a bunch of luck to even make the postseason as a wild-card.

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The Minnesota Vikings are playing host to the red hot Dallas Cowboys tonight and the inactives list includes head coach Mike Zimmer, with Mike Priefer filling the role in his absence. Zimmer will reportedly be listening to the game from the comfort of home while dealing with his emergency eye surgery.

The Vikings want to upset Dallas in the name of their ailing leader, and they’ve gotten a few key pieces back on the field this week, which certainly shouldn’t hurt their odds. Here are the inactives for today’s matchup:

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When looking at the calendar, it’s only been four months. Checking my gut, it feels like years since I paced the streets outside the Vikings training camp facility at Mankato State University. I spoke with as many fans as possible about their faith in the Vikings organization.

It was hot and dirty, but I stayed after practice longer than usual chatting because I was blown away by the amount of credibility head coach Mike Zimmer and general manager Rick Spielman had with the fan base. Coming off another disappointing playoff loss just 8 months prior, the faith in the organization had come back around. Comparisons to Bud Grant and the New England Patriot dynasty were made. Optimism was at an all time high.

Now, after five losses post bye week, Vikings territory is in a panic and the rug has once again been pulled out from under us.

As we all know, the NFL is unpredictable, but your ability to predict the uncommon provides job security. This leads us to this week’s “Question of the Week.”

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