Win An Autographed Kleinsasser Football for Donating to #MoreThanWords

#MoreThanWords Kleinsasser Autograph

The amount of support we’ve received for the #MoreThanWords campaign has been breathtaking. It’s incredible to see so many people, most of whom don’t know each other in everyday life, come together in support of one of Minnesota’s most veteran players and for such an awesome cause.

Let’s recap the progress we’ve made so far:

  • First and foremost, we’ve managed to raise upwards of $4,000 dollars to help stock Chad Greenway’s lockers located throughout various Minnesota Children’s Hospitals. These lockers provide a mental escape for kids that are away from the comfort of home, sometimes for long periods at a time, dealing with various illnesses.
  • We’ve received a personal letter from Chad Greenway himself thanking everyone involved in this campaign and further explaining the importance of what we’re all doing.
  • We’ve seen well-known Minnesota personalities like Paul Allen and Vikings legends like Fran Tarkenton support the cause on Twitter.
  • spoke personally with Greenway at training camp about the #MoreThanWords campaign and what it means to him.
  • Companies have donated large amounts of money to become official sponsors of the #MoreThanWords campaign from all over the country. (Echidna, a Minneapolis-based eCommerce agency and SH Architecture, an architecture firm all the way from Las Vegas, Nevada.)
  • The very talented Matt Engstrom, Vikings Territory’s resident illustrator, donated all profits from the sales of his awesome t-shirts to the #MoreThanWords campaign.
  • We got to hear directly from patients who benefit from the Chad’s Locker thanks to Lindsey Young’s touching interviews during a visit to one of the hospitals benefiting from the program.
  • Finally, we upped the ante last week when Vikings Territory announced it would be gifting a brand new Vikings jersey to a random person who donated $10 dollars or more to the cause.

Pretty awesome, right?

But if we’re going to meet our goal of raising $10,000 by the time the campaign ends in a couple of weeks, we still have a bit of work to do. That’s why I was ecstatic when I found out that an everyday Vikings fan, just like you and me, decided that he wanted to do what he could to contribute to #MoreThanWords.

Andrew Berns, a gentleman I had the pleasure of meeting on the Minnesota Vikings subreddit on, has decided to donate an authentic signed football by Vikings legend Jim Kleinsasser. Andrew was lucky enough to get Kleinsasser’s autograph during training camp seven years ago. Now, this awesome piece of memorabilia can be yours for donating $10 or more to #MoreThanWords.

Similar to the jersey giveaway, the  same rules apply (and can be found here). If you’ve already donated to #MoreThanWords and selected “Vikings Territory” as the blog you’re contributing for, you will automatically be entered in a drawing when the campaign is over. If you donate more than $10, you will receive multiple entries for every additional $10. (e.g. A $40 donation would buy you four entries)

Greenway Poster Ryanfors

11×17 Chad Greenway Print by Ryan Fors

Adding even more into the pot of prizes you can win for donating two grande iced lattes ($10), Minneapolis sports memorabilia store FanHQ has donated an awesome art print featuring Chad Greenway by artist Ryan Fors (@ryan_fors).

At the end of the day, throwing a little money towards the #MoreThanWords campaign is a win-win situation. Not only are you generously contributing to an awesome cause but you’re also becoming eligible to win some sweet prizes (with pretty good odds, I must say).

We need your help to reach our goal.

Even if you can’t contribute monetarily, you can still play a huge role by sharing with your friends on any and all social media outlets. Or maybe you can lend a hand by telling everyone in your family and asking them to share with their friends. If you really wanted to make an impact, try hitting up your employer and seeing if they’re interested in becoming an official sponsor of #MoreThanWords.

There are a multitude of ways you can help us and we appreciate them all. I’d like to personally say thank you to Andrew Berns and FanHQ for the very generous donations to this cause that we’re all incredibly passionate about. Also, a huge thanks to everyone that has already donated to #MoreThanWords. We are honestly just blown away by how awesome all of you are.

Now go win that sweet piece of legendary Kleinsasser memorabilia.

Donate to #MoreThanWords today.

Kleinsasser Autographed Football Kleinsasser Autographed Football Kleinsasser Autographed Football