MORE THAN WORDS: We’re Getting There, Folks

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With the backing of Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway, and a friendly competition between four other great Vikings sites, we still consider our charitable fundraising goal of $10,000 raised by August 22nd to be within reach.

In an attempt to raise those funds for the “Chad’s Locker” program, run by Chad Greenway and the fine folks at his Lead the Way Foundation, we here at Vikings Territory have pulled every trick out of our hat that we could think of to motivate the online Vikings community to lend a huge helping hand to families in need.

So far, in our efforts, we have:

We might have a few more tricks left up our sleeves, and we certainly won’t miss our goal due to a lack of effort, but let’s take a look at where things currently stand.

Heading into August, the online Vikings fan community has proudly raised a very impressive $3,609 in total. As far as that friendly competition goes, here is where we currently stand:

1. Vikings Territory ($1,952)

2. Daily Norseman ($512)

3. VikeFans ($230)

There has been an additional $915 in donations made without designating a fan site of choice which brings us to our current total.

Please keep an eye out for future updates and you might even catch another one or two of those tricks we are hoping to roll out very soon.

In the meantime, please click here to make a donation today and help us help Chad Greenway help people that deserve it.