MORE THAN WORDS: Hearing How It Helps


Please do not miss out on your chance to win a Vikings jersey of your choosing by donating $10 or more to the “More Than Words” campaign. As Chad Greenway discussed with Tom Moore in the video above (check out other awesome training camp interviews here), this fundraising campaign is all about something much bigger than us here at Vikings Territory and we are aiming to make a big impact for a very worthwhile cause.

I can only speak to the importance of the “Chad’s Locker” program so much, but the folks at Lead the Way have gathered a few testimonials from people actually impacted by the generosity of Chad and Jenni Greenway. Those comments are below.

I hope this testimony helps to fund the lockers! My son was born very early, at 28 weeks, and spent most of his first year in and out of the University of Minnesota Amplatz, now the Masonic Children’s Hospital. He was very little, and was always attached to IV’s and tube feedings, and wasn’t very mobile. We used the locker for the portable DVD players so he could still watch Thomas while lying in bed. It kept him distracted from the pain and sickness. He met several Vikings players while there, as we always seemed to be there for a holiday like Thanksgiving! The generosity of this team, and of Chad, is simply overwhelmingly wonderful to the parents who are isolated within the hospital rooms with a sick child. And the TendHerHeart Luncheon I attended was also amazing. Thanks for all that you do to help our kids through their toughest times. God bless you!


Our daughter, Madison, spends several weeks in Children’s Hospital Minneapolis, MN. Besides “The Dude,” Chad’s Locker is the only thing that gets her through this long ordeal. She lives to play Minecraft and watch movies. Sometimes her pain wakes her (and Mom) and the movies and game keep her mind occupied until we can manage the pain. Thank you Chad and Jenni. You make her happy and my life easier. Blessings.


Will never forget the first time we used the locker at Amplatz, now Masonic. Jackson was getting his first EEG. My parents were not able to assist until that night,, versus day. Had a screaming child, two nurses, and toys that I brought which didn’t help the pain and terror of the process. A single mom needing to pump while holding her scared baby boy. Not crying together. Not sure why, looking back, we didn’t have child life with us like we usually do, but we didn’t and a nurse checked out an iPad for me [from Chad’s Locker] which, bless that nurse she ran fast, helped tremendously. We kept it for a while, until grandma showed up. It was a lifesaver for many many aspects that Day. So important to helping during tough times. Thank you Lead the Way. We are so blessed to have your care and support along our path.


My brother and niece told me how appreciative they were to have your special locker at the U of M Minneapolis Hospital, it helped keep their minds a little less focused on all of the chemo treatments and appointments. Thanks!