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Espn draft expert Mel Kiper, thinks Parker is talented enough to potentially challenge Alabama’s Amari Cooper as the first wide receiver taken in this year’s draft.

What makes Parker one of the elite pass-catchers in this talented class of receivers?

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What a long, STRANGE trip it’s been.

The Purple FTW! Podcast is officially 100 episodes deep. We take time out today to reflect on the first century of podcast non-sense, play a little Vikings-Super Bowl Trivia with Uncle Nick to pad the ego, and take a look forward to what big developments are going down with Purple FTW for the 2015 season.

I can’t express enough gratitude to the listeners & great guests who have made this possible. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. #Skol

Century Club talking points include.
• Vikings News
• Adrian in Court
• We’ll Take Adrian Back in 2015, Under 3 Conditions
• Harrison NEEDS to be Extended
• Duron Not a Viking. Not a Big Deal
• Critiquing Purple FTW Episode 1 – Week 14 Vikings-Ravens Recap (2013)
• Vikings-Super Bowl Trivia with Uncle Nick
• Thank Yous to Guests & Fans
• Big Announcement for the 2015 Season

All of this and other Hundo shenanigans on the Purple FTW! Podcast! Full episode after the jump.

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For this week’s Vikings Fan Spotlight, we’re highlighting not just one person, but an entire bar!

Welcome to Cap City Tavern, located in Denver, CO.

Cap City originally opened in 1999, but Dino McTaggart, the bar’s current owner, purchased the establishment in 2008.

Interestingly enough, McTaggart did not start out as a Vikings fan. Rather, he was born and raised in Cleveland and considers himself a Browns fan “deep down in [his] soul.” Before you write him off, though—McTaggart quickly became a Vikings supporter.

“I became a Vikings fan the day Minnesotans started walking thru the door at Cap City, and I fell in love with the people who come in each Sunday to cheer,” McTaggart said. “Everyone who comes into Cap City on Sundays is here to watch football, but even when the Vikings aren’t winning, [the fans] are here to see each other and to get just a little bit of what they’re missing from home […] as I call it, ‘Minnesotan Love.'”

So how did a bar in the heart of Colorado come to be a “Vikings bar”?

When the local Vikings watering hole went out of business in 2010, McTaggart created fliers advertising “Denver’s Newest Vikings Bar”—slowly but surely, Vikings fans from all over found their way to Cap City.

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In a text message sent to ESPN, Minnesota Vikings fullback Jerome Felton announced Tuesday afternoon that he has opted out of his contract for 2015.

Felton signed a three-year contract following the 2012 season—the deal was worth $7.5 million. According to ESPN, he was given the opportunity to opt out before the 2015 season in exchange for his “willingness to restructure his deal for 2014.”

Does this guarantee that No. 42 will not be in purple for 2015? Not necessarily.

Felton expressed a positive attitude toward the Vikings, acknowledging that he was treated well and “parted on good terms.” At this point, Felton is saying that he is open to the idea of returning to Minnesota—especially if Adrian Peterson is part of the team.

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The Super Bowl football game around Katy Perry (and Left Shark) is over, signaling the end to yet another fantastic season (on the field) of American tackle football. But luckily, this signals the giving way to my favorite season of all: HOT TAKE Season.

In honor of Episode 99 of the Purple FTW! Podcast, I threw together a list of 9.9 Hot Takes. Now these are definitely not #StoneColdHotTakes level of outlandishness (although my ‘Harbaugh to Ann Arbor’ call from September landed pretty well), but they definitely have some kick.

Costco Free Sample: “2) We’ve got OUR Brady & Belichick”…

Boom. Roasted.

Get the rest & the full episode after the jump.

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