Saturday, February 25, 2017

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Nick Foles

An interesting potential quirk to the Vikings’ quarterback group reared its head Thursday morning: at least one NFL reporter believes Minnesota is one of three “likely” landing spots for quarterback Nick Foles.

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As a continued sign that the NFL waits for no one, a string of retirements have hit close to home this week. Today, long time great defensive tackle Kevin Williams signed a one day contract and retired a Minnesota Viking.

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On Monday morning, it was announced that longtime Minnesota Vikings offensive lineman Phil Loadholt had decided to retire. With his retirement, Loadholt’s spot on the Vikings roster is presumably vacant.

Minnesota now has three openings on their roster before their total number reaches the NFL’s 90-man limit. The Vikings can decide to leave those spots empty before they start training camp later this week, but that would not be any fun would it?

Surprisingly enough, there are still plenty of talented free-agents available that could produce for Minnesota during the 2016 season.

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