Sunday, August 20, 2017

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Dak Hunting Season
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Is it just me or has this season become so excruciatingly painful, so categorically absurd, so anti-Vegas that it has actually become kind of funny?

I mean, the Minnesota Vikings’ injury virus has stretched all the way to its head coach — not even the kerfuffle of Green Bay fans suffering from that horrible loser denial bug (that seemingly decided to set up camp and raise a rather large family in the southwestern quadrant of the Midwest) can say their head honcho was forced to sit out a game in order to receive his (Guinness world record-breaking) 27th eye treatment of the year.

Minnesota, which was subsequently led into battle by special teams coach Mike Priefer and oft-ridiculed defensive coordinator George Edwards, came within one quarter, 15 minutes, two yards — er, seven — and a coin flip win of upending the class of the NFC only to melt like a popsicle — left unguarded by its protective wrapper — resting atop a jet-black rural Birmingham, Ala. rooftop smack dab in the middle of July while Vin Diesel unleashes a blitzkrieg of unforgiving heat from an LPO-50 flamethrower constructed in the Soviet Union circa 1950 for the sole purpose of destruction by combustion.

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Minnesota Vikings-Jacksonville Jaguars

At the quarter pole, the Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings are in full win-or-die mode as they enter Week 14. Mike Zimmer returns to the team after missing the Dallas game due to emergency surgery on his retina and hopes to rally the Purple for one gallant rush towards the postseason. To chew the fat, I brought in my man Luke Inman to the Blue Door Pub to run through what the Vikes need to do to make chicken salad out of 2016.

All that and more “STUFF THE BALLOT BOX FOR TJ” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

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Minnesota Vikings-Dallas Cowboys

The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings’ 2016 campaign effectively came to a close Thursday night at Historic US Bank Stadium as the Purple fell to the Dallas Cowboys 17-15. Special teams errors, penalties, and missed opportunities plagued interim head coach Mike Priefer’s debut. We recap the game and take a look forward as the Vikings play out the 2016 string.

Today’s 10-Days Til Jacksonville Talkers Include:
• This Could Have Been Sam Bradford’s Career Defining Game
• Mike Priefer Assessment
• The Defense Held the Cowboys in Check Except…
• The Mandatory Offensive Line Talking Point
• The Penalties Were Murder
• What Happened with the Special Teams?
• Charles Johnson Has to Go
• Loose Thoughts
• So What Now?
• Mike Zimmer Needs to Take the Rest of 2016 Off

All that and more “Go Texans, Go Saints” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint


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Five thoughts on the Vikings' loss to the Cowboys.

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1. They had it. They had the game won.

I don’t care what happened afterward. With 10:39 in the fourth quarter, the score was 9-7 and the Vikings had the game in hand. Dallas was punting and the defense was playing out of its mind. All they had to do was not turn it over. All they had to do was keep doing what they were doing; move the ball a little, pin the Cowboys deep, maybe get a field goal or two. They had it.

But then, the guy who never screws up—Adam Thielen—screwed up. He fumbled the punt in the red zone, and Dallas scored on the next play. The momentum that had been slowly built by long field goal drives was promptly sucked out of the building. Even during the final touchdown drive, and the two-point conversion attempt, and the missed facemask penalty on Sam Bradford, it seemed hopeless. They should’ve had it in the bag.

Even as a lifelong Vikings fan, it’s amazing to me how this team keeps finding new and creative ways to blow games. It’s impressive, really.

Wow. That one hurt.

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