Monday, July 27, 2015

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This week’s question was Brett‘s idea, and we love it! Each writer was asked to rank Bridgewater in the pool of NFL quarterbacks and to include five spots both above and below for context. 

Andy: No. 16
11. Philip Rivers
12. Cam Newton
13. Matt Ryan
14. Carson Palmer
15. Ryan Tannehill
17. Colin Kaepernick
18. Matthew Stafford
19. Eli Manning
20. Sam Bradford
21. Jay Cutler

Teddy’s at that odd stage in his career where it’d be better to leave him off a quarterback ranking list and give him a “to be determined” grade. He’s shown flashes of brilliance and also cratered a few times in his rookie season, but trended upwards at the end of the year enough to make Teddy the apple of most analysts’ eye (except Andy Benoit, but who cares what he thinks) headed into 2015.

Potential is hard to quantify though, especially since static rankings don’t necessarily convey projection very well, so I put Teddy as dead center as possible: Number 16.

Above him are are group of established but haven’t won anything veterans (Rivers and Palmer) and three youngish quarterbacks on their second contracts who kinda… “Are who we thought they were.” All three still have potential to move into the top-10 (possibly through attrition & retirements), but would it be outlandish to label Ryan, Newton, & Tannehill as career second-tier signal callers? Probably not.

Below Teddy is a gun slinger who fits in the young, big extension, but could be meh mold in Colin Kaepernick along with four dumpster fire veterans who are basically differing levels of hot garbage. Matt Stafford is essentially Jeff George and will be exposed for the third-tier quarterback he is after Megatron is finally put up on blocks. Eli is on lifetime scholarship because David Tyree had a stickum helmet and Mario Manningham was the flexible dude from The Fantastic Four for 3 seconds of his life. Sam Bradford is the deep fried funnel cakes of NFL quarterbacks. He could be really good if he was healthy, but he’s not so who cares. And Jay Cutler is a terrible NFL quarterback despite being vaccinated.

So that’s where Teddy is. He’s the Mendoza Line of decent for this season. After he beats down 2015 like it owes him money, I can’t wait to put him in the top-10 next season. Right behind Andrew Luck & some dude who wears #12.

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Training camp begins in exactly 10 days. I repeat, training camp begins in exactly 10 days. No need to pinch yourselves — we’re so close to the start of the season!

Now’s the time to buy your Bridgewater jerseys, purchase tickets to the most exciting home games, and plan out your tailgates before football takes over. Come Saturday of next week, the team will be in Mankato and coach Zimmer will be whittling his roster down to the 53 best players. Once we get into the thick of training camp, there’s no turning back.

For now, enjoy the calm before the storm and soak in some of the best new Vikings stories from your favorite Vikings site and the rest of the web:

Earlier today, Lindsey wrote about her trip to Children’s Minneapolis Hospital, where Chad Greenway is making a positive impact through his Lead the Way foundation.
Last night, Vikings Territory debuted its More Than Words page, where you can learn about “Chad’s Lockers” and donate to help children in need.

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    Jaimie Senger has been a patient at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota for a little over three years… but she’s been a Minnesota Vikings fan her whole life.

    “We’re huge Vikings fans,” Senger tells me. “My dad is a big-time fan. He and my uncles and a couple of their buddies bought one of the bricks and put their names on it for the new stadium […] We watch all the Vikings games together.”

    One of Senger’s favorite players to watch is linebacker Chad Greenway—but she loves him for a lot more than his on-field performance. Senger is just one patient that benefits on a daily basis from Greenway’s Lead the Way Foundation and more specifically, the Chad’s Locker program.

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    When the Vikings re-signed 34 year old long snapper Cullen Loeffler to a one year deal this offseason, and then signed free agent long snapper Kevin McDermott to a two year contract, it was fairly easy to draw some conclusions implying that the Vikings are searching for Loeffler’s replacement.

    Special teams coordinator Mike Priefer essentially confirmed that Loeffler will have to win a competition if he wants to spend a 12th consecutive season on the Vikings roster. Loeffler and McDermott will essentially face off in one of the least sexy, but somewhat important, training camp battles of 2015.

    “I think he wore down a little bit as the season wore on last year and I think he came back strong,” Priefer said of Loeffler to the Star-Tribune. “You know, Cullen is a great guy and he’s very competitive and he’s very passionate about what he does and he’s got a great work ethic.”

    Priefer also spoke highly of McDermott, however, and revealed a plan to split snaps equally between his two long snapper options well into the preseason action.

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    If you’re like me — hundreds of miles from Minnesota — the chance to attend a Vikings game comes once in a blue moon. This year, I’ll be fortunate enough to see Teddy Bridgewater and Co. twice, when the team travels to California for matchups with the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders.

    For the lucky fans living in Minnesota, each season brings a handful of home games to TCF Bank Stadium, and soon, to U.S. Bank Stadium. This year, the Vikings face a number of new opponents at home, as laid out in the picture below:

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    The first two games listed are preseason games, so we’ll ignore those for now. Preseason means little to most fans, unless you’re a diehard like most of us here, right?

    Seeing as single-game tickets go on sale today, there’s no better time than now to play the hypothetical polling game! Many of you own season tickets and attend every game, but let’s throw reality out the window for a second —at least until training camp begins and the news cycle kicks into high gear.

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