Saturday, June 24, 2017

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Purple FTW! Podcast: Minnesota Vikings Week 2 OTAs Talkers (ep. 375)

The Minnesota Vikings are back at Winter Park for week two of OTAs. Today on the show, I run through a few story lines bubbling up from the practices of practicing, as well as run through the odd reason that makes the Vikings-Packers rivalry great, and reminisce about attending my first Vikes game as a 10-year old.

Today’s Talkers Include:
• Teddy Back at OTAs Doing Work
• Zimmer Returning with One Eye or Two
• All the Vikings Rookies are Signed
• I Think Sharrif Floyd is Done
• Vikings Resign Tommy Armstrong
• Depth Chart Over Reactions
• What Makes the Vikings-Packers Rivalry Great
• Can Stefon Diggs Be the New Face of the Franchise
• My First Vikings Game
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All that and more “Hey. Sam is here too.” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

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Sam Bradford, the Forgotten Minnesota Man
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There goes Teddy Bridgewater, dropping back in the pocket and throwing the ball to one of his teammates, as if it were just another practice for No. 5.

Nine months removed from what could have been a career-ending knee injury, he shouldn’t be out here, looking like the quarterback the Minnesota Vikings drafted in 2014. Disbelief tells me; no, convinces me he should be in Eric Sugarman’s training room, fighting to put weight on what we believed to be a shredded knee.

The hype around the now-infamous footage tells me otherwise. Bridgewater’s not only recovering, but further along than I’d ever imagined on his journey back to playing football. It’s a remarkable turn of events for a young man many, including myself, thought would never set foot back on the field.

While I applaud and tirelessly cheer for Bridgewater, the buzz surrounding “The Return” ignores a simple, if inconvenient truth — Sam Bradford is the starting quarterback for the Vikings, in 2017 and likely beyond.

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Vikings Sign Dalvin Cook
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Vikings Sign Dalvin Cook, All Rookies Now Signed

The Minnesota Vikings signed the last of their draft picks today, penning second-round pick Dalvin Cook to a reported four-year deal worth $6.35 million, with a signing bonus of $2.76 million.

The Vikings traded up in this year’s draft to select Cook with the 41st-overall pick. The running back out of Florida State was the team’s first selection and would be the first of 11 draft picks for Minnesota.

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Vikings Territory Roundtable — Episode 14

VT Roundtable Episode 14

Welcome back to the VT Roundtable!

For Episode 14, a four-man group of Adam WarwasBJ ReidellBrett Anderson and Sean Borman discuss the greatest takeaways from Minnesota Vikings Organized Team Activities and debate their grading of the team’s depth on defense.

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Episode 70 — The Countdown to Episode 100 Begins

Graphic designed by Brett Anderson

BJ Reidell and Drew Mahowald discuss the Minnesota’s “fatal flaw”, continue their NFC North positional rankings with wide receiver and tight end and debate the top five current Vikings players.


  1. Intro (0:00-1:26)
  2. Vikings’ Fatal Flaw (1:27-13:23)
  3. New Player Breakdown: Tommy Armstrong (13:24-19:45)
  4. Attending a Non-Football College (19:46-22:10)
  5. NFC North Rankings: Wide Receivers (22:11-32:40)
  6. NFC North Rankings: Tight Ends (32:41-43:38)
  7. Take 5: Best Current Vikings (43:39-54:19)
  8. Sign-Out: Same Old Song and Dance (54:20-55:15)

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