Sunday, September 25, 2016

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Vikings versus Panthers
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Chatting about the Vikings versus Panthers matchup.

We may not know a lot about what our 2016 Minnesota Vikings are going to look like moving forwards after this rash of injuries have dramatically changed how the offense looks, but that won’t stop us from checking in with those that know our opponents best.

Today, we’ve asked Tony Dunn of Carolina Cat Chronicles to answer some questions that will hopefully help all of us better understand what the Vikings are facing this tomorrow in Charlotte.

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Minnesota Vikings - Carolina Panthers

The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings have looked more like Discovery Health this week with long-term injuries and surgeries befalling Adrian Peterson, Matt Kalil, and Sharrif Floyd. But as we’ve seen from the Teddy Bridgewater injury, Mike Zimmer is not one to let his team just sit here and cry. Next man up and we’re on to Carolina.

To help preview the upcoming game in “totally nothing going on” Charlotte is show favorite Travis “T-Bone” Hancock of WFNZ. We talked about some of the civil unrest down there and how the community needs a football game, how Cam Newton has changed from last year, what the Panthers plan to do versus the Adrian-less Vikings, and also some mad love for Sam Bradford.

All that and other “Adrian Who?” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint

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Written by Adam’s wife, Danielle

Regardless of being hit with another injury that has taken Adrian Peterson out until at least December, we persevered for our second win.  Although Sam Bradford did an amazing job  during his first game with the Vikings throwing for 2 touchdowns, the real star was Stefon Diggs. Among some of the feats Diggs accomplished last week were his touchdown catch and the fact that he was named the NFC Offensive Player of the Week!!

Even with everything that has already been thrown at our team this early in the season, I still feel nothing but positive vibes and know we will persist to make it not only through playoff’s, but also all the way to the Super Bowl.

When you think back to childhood lunches, your parents probably always packed you the same thing…. peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  At some point, you were likely to be sick of these delectable sandwiches, but then once you were older some miraculous things happened.

One of those miraculous things was that you fell in love with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and honestly, what’s not to love? These sandwiches are cheap, filling, customizable, and there are just about no dishes afterwards.

The other miracle? Now that you are an adult, you get to make the rules about the meals you consume meaning you can have sweets whenever you want, even for dinner! This brings us to this week’s dish: Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcakes.

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Another week and another win for the Minnesota Vikings last Sunday as they defeated the rival Green Bay Packers 17-14 at U.S. Bank Stadium. The Vikings did indeed get the victory, but it certainly came at a cost.

Minnesota will now be without their starting left tackle Matt Kalil and starting running back Adrian Peterson for a majority of of the games left in the 2016 season. Kalil will miss the remainder of year while Peterson has a small chance to return to the field toward the end of the season.

But injuries happen to every team, every year and they are just part of the adversity that each franchise has to deal with during the course of a season. This is no different for the Vikings, who are not going to let a few road blocks get in the way of their journey to a Super Bowl win at the end of 2016.

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Is there one?

A Prescription for the Vikings Offensive Line
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The luster of an undefeated record masks the blemishes below the surface. For the Minnesota Vikings, that blemish is the offensive line. Through two games this season, the unit is Pro Football Focus’s 31st-ranked group and has struggled in every facet of play.

With Matt Kalil likely out for the season and T.J. Clemmings moving to left tackle, the prospects aren’t any better. Such overturn — and a sudden lack of depth — means offensive coordinator Norv Turner will have to adjust Minnesota’s scheme to compensate.

Shorter drops, shotgun looks, and a quick-hitting passing game could become the norm for the Vikings, who relied so heavily on a ground-and-pound attack in 2015. Even with those changes, there’s no guarantee the line improves. Right now, there’s no knowing how they can improve.

It’s the worry of every fan, and it’s the focus of this week’s Vikings Territory “Question of the Week:”

“What do you think is wrong with the OL, and how can it be fixed?”

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