Sunday, November 29, 2015

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We’re busy gearing up for all of our live NFL Draft coverage, but that won’t stop the news train from chugging along. In the NFL, a truly year-round league, there’s always something to write about. Today, that comes in the form of the oft-discussed Adrian Peterson.

On Monday, Chris Tomasson of the Pioner Press reported that the six teams are “in the mix” to trade for Peterson, and that next week’s NFL Draft will be their best opportunity to do so:

The Vikings’ greatest leverage will come during the NFL Draft, which begins on April 30 and ends May 2. In a class loaded with running backs like Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon, needy teams will be desperate to take the best available player at the position.

According to Tomasson’s source, general manager Rick Spielman could be able to persuade a team to trade for Peterson once the draft’s best running backs, Gurley and Gordon, are off the board. His source also named the six teams, many who have been linked to Peterson in earlier reports:

Arizona, Atlanta, Dallas, Jacksonville, San Diego and Tampa Bay

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Last year, we looked at what the consensus of the scouting community had to say when it came to which players were the best prospects in the NFL draft. That look alone gave us a lot of tools, which meant not only could we have a unique way to “grade” drafts, take a look at which teams were off-the-wall, and which evaluators were best at “predicting” the NFL draft.

The Huddle Report has a similar competition, grading mock drafts as well as top 100s. Draft Board Guru won their competition—their top 100 had the most players actually selected in the top 100. We’ll take a look at other ways to grade that process in a little bit as well.

We’ll take a look at last year’s results, then follow it with a preview of this year’s board. If you want to skip to this year’s board, click here.

Shaq Thompson Scouting Report
[Editor’s note: This is another installment in a series we will be running at Vikings Territory providing scouting reports for players the Vikings could potentially target in the 2015 Draft. All scouting reports are provided in partnership with Luke Inman and You can find all of our previous scouting reports here. Continue reading below to learn more about Shaq Thompson, the versatile, hybrid linebacker from the University of Washington.]

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Virginia safety Anthony Harris was a productive three year starter for the Cavilers who is currently recovering from off-season shoulder surgery. Harris missed the Senior Bowl, was held out of his pro-day, and only ran the forty at the combine (4.56). The injury and the lack of pre-draft workouts has caused his draft stock to slip.

Harris had a pre-draft visit with the Vikings, so it’s safe to say they have enough interest in him to at least engage in the “do-diligence” process with the former All-American and All-ACC standout.

A talented safety like Harris falling to the mid to late rounds might to be a welcomed gift for the Minnesota Vikings secondary.

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