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As if Thursday night’s loss to the Bucs wasn’t painful enough, every other team in the NFC North snuck out wins on Sunday which puts the Vikings in a much less enviable situation than they looked on Wednesday.

The 5-3 Vikings are tied with the Packers for second place.  The Bears are atop the division with a record of 6-1 and the league’s most solid looking defense.  Meanwhile, the Lions are struggling at 3-4, but are talented enough to not count out of the race quite yet.

Minnesota has a chance to see their playoff hopes live or die at the hands of their divisional foes, however, and things will be quite interesting in the second half of this season.  Here is their remaining schedule:

At Seattle


Bye Week

At Chicago

At Green Bay


At St. Louis

At Houston

Green Bay

How does that look for drama?  I think it’ll be a fun ride, and I really hope that the weather helps us out a bit when it comes to stopping the passing attacks of Chicago and Green Bay after the bye.

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In conducting live chats, reading comments from readers, and just generally gauging the reaction to recent games I have noticed that Vikings fans are torn on whether negativity, or positivity in some cases, is appropriate following poor performances.

I have given it a lot of thought in the last 24 hours and have decided that this is a rebuilding year, no matter how much success we have, and that whether they are contrived as positive or negative lessons, the most important thing to keep in mind is that this young team is learning the lessons they need to be learning.

So, for the rest of this season, you can expect to see my new weekly segment entitled “Lessons Learned” as I fully intend to focus on what this team has done, will do, and needs to do in order to create a brighter future.

Strangely enough, the first “lesson” I took away from Thursday Night’s debacle is not so much for the players, but rather for the Hoard.

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As if last night’s beating wasn’t enough, Chris Cook, who seemed to finally be over that injury bug and a major contributor to the Vikings defense, has been placed on IR after breaking his wrist against the Buccaneers. Though Cook was tagged ‘designated to return’, the earliest he would be back is likely the season finale against Green Bay.

This more than likely means we will not see Chris Cook again this season unless the Vikings manage to make the postseason.

The Vikings will have to work hard over the next week and a half before their next game at Seattle to try and fill his role somehow. After Chris Cook left the game against Tampa Bay, the Buccaneers immediately took advantage of his absence. I couldn’t believe my ears when, away from the game for a few seconds to grab a drink, I heard the commentators announce Marcus Sherels got burned by Vincent Jackson on a quick out route. (Marcus Sherels covering Vincent Jackson!)

Cornerbacks Josh Robinson and A.J. Jefferson’s role on defense was increased significantly the rest of the game.

Chris Cook was a large part of why the Vikings secondary was surprising many this year. Hopefully the team can find a way to make things happen without him.

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I didn’t understand it. How could the Vikings be getting absolutely demolished at home against a 2-4 Buccaneers team? This isn’t possible. This just cannot be happening.

And then it happened. It hit me hard – harder than Chris Kluwe pu… Nevermind…

But I just didn’t understand it until NFL Network shared this wonderful stat with us: The Buccaneers broke their 10 road game losing streak with a win over, our beloved purple, the Minnesota Vikings.

Why didn’t anyone mention the Buccaneers hadn’t won an away game in 640 minutes of football. This thing could have been much easier to endure.

Nevertheless, here we are. The Vikings are 5-3. We got decimated at home by a 2-4 team. The sky is falling. I’m on the ledge. Take your positivity elsewhere. Angry Brett has arrived.

This venting session brought to you courtesy of Angry Brett

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