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Raymond, Wright Still Inactive

Inactive for the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday are:

S Mistral Raymond, QB MacLeod Bethel-Thompson, WR Jarius Wright, CB Brandon Burton, LB Audie Cole, OL Mark Asper, and DE D’Aundre Reed.

Raymond being inactive means that the Vikings get to wait at least four more days before deciding if Raymond or Jamarca Sanford will be the starting safety once both are healthy.  Wright remains inactive, which has been somewhat of a mystery this season.

Otherwise, the Vikings are a pretty healthy football team which could be a key for not only this game, but in trying to accomplish a four day turnaround for next week’s matchup.

NOTE:  Sorry guys and gals, we will once again be skipping out on the live chat for this week.  We’ll aim to be live on Thursday night, however.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Bummer on the live-chat. Wright must really suck in practice or surely they would activate him and see if he could stretch the field?

  2. Bummer on that Mitchell penalty on the opening kickoff, but I have to say that I am really growing to appreciate Simpson’s ability to get the PI calls… almost as good as him making a catch. Peterson looks like he’s in for a big day, but this D is disappointing me so far, c’mon Greenway!

  3. hmm, ponder is regressing…
    should’ve learned not to throw like that

    this game looks like two 4-2 pretenders. what happened to our crisp playing?

  4. Wow. Whisenhunt looked dumb for calling that play. He looked even dumber after Winfield had his say in the matter 🙂

  5. Tony Winfield is unbelievable. He tosses aside former UH player Reagan Mauia (6′, close to 270 lbs) and then knocks over John Skelton (6’5″ around 245 lbs) for that big stop on 4th down.

    Pound for pound, Winfield has gotta be one the best players in the NFL

  6. The playcalling and Ponder’s play is the only reason AZ is still hanging around… this is kind of ridiculous.

  7. Defense bails the offense out in this one… should be game over… unless they call three passes in a row for Ponder here… which wouldn’t totally shock me at this point 🙁

  8. Once again the offense cant even get 1 first down but at least they ran some clock. Cards are 1 big play from getting back into it

  9. Ponder. . .Wow, a lot to think about.
    He looked really, really bad today.
    Not sure what to think about the guy.

    AD, even tho he still looks atouch slower and a bit more hesitant than in the past, still a beast!

    Were 5-2, and probably 6-2 after next Thursday but then our scheule gets REAL difficult.

  10. man, today was great! i really liked the offens…, uh, the defe…, umm, special te…, aww, crap, i like the final score and that’s it!

  11. A win is a win, Cal. Ponder played poorly, agree with what he said tho-

    “It’s a good thing to be disappointed when you’re 5-2.”

    1. joking aside, cc, it’s great to see our vikes win, and we get another game thursday. i expect inconsistent play from these kids. just hoping for improvement. so, yes, a win is good when we play poorly

  12. I really don’t understand the second half play-calling. Adrian ripped through that defense but they weren’t giving him the ball on first down until those final two drives. Third straight game for Christian with 2 picks and if even half of the balls he threw to the defense had been picked off in those first four games he’ld be in double digits for the season right now. Defenseively the tackling was about as poor as it’s been all year today, but in the end they walk away with another W.

  13. This is what young quarterbacks do people. Relax, he’ll be fine. Sometimes youngsters do well, sometimes they don’t. Ponders is getting better every week, or getting better than maybe some weeks, or at least better than he was in high school. Cut the guy some slack.

    Freds would like to congratulate his old pal Erin Henderson for being the first guy ever to draw a penalty for having 10 men on the field. What a bonehead. This is all the proof you need to show you that EJ’s brother can’t count or keep track of when he should be on the field. Denzel, simplify things for Erin, keep him on the damn bench, then he will always know where he should be on the next play.

    Congrats to the Vike, a brutal game, but a win none the les