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The Hill and Jefferson Race is On
Oct 14, 2022
In a wild turn of events, the Miami Dolphins have removed the ping-pong table from their locker room this week.
Will Goodwin's Win-Loss Prediction for 2022 Vikings
Sep 9, 2022
All of the hype and speculation is over: Green Bay comes to town this weekend. Let’s break down the 2022 schedule.
Aug 1, 2022
The new Vikings GM and head coach have brought lots of hope. But if it goes horribly wrong, how long of a leash will they get?
Jul 21, 2022
Eric Ebron remains on the open market, and the Minnesota Vikings have been floated as a possible destination.
Just the Numbers: Vikings Offensive Rankings after Week 14
Jul 18, 2022
There is one Viking that may not stand to gain from the changing of the guard in Minneapolis: that would be one Dalvin James Cook. 
"Cousins Will Stay" Reports are Getting a Little Fishy
Mar 12, 2022
Kirk Cousins cap-hit is absurdly high in 2022, so are we any closer to a Minnesota Vikings trade involving the QB?
Wild Kirk Cousins Stat
Nov 7, 2021
Coming into this 2021 season, the expectation was the Vikings offense would, at a minimum, be a Top 10 unit. […]
Sep 14, 2021
The offensive line performance by the Minnesota Vikings in Week 1 was lackluster, and the spirit of that sentence has […]
Christian Darrisaw
Sep 14, 2021
Reading the tea leaves from the local media in Minneapolis, it’s clear that there’s a growing concern about Minnesota Vikings’ […]
Aug 23, 2021
Rumors of a fairytale return to Minnesota gained steam last week when four time pro-bowler Everson Griffen traveled to Minnesota […]