Geesh, Imagine What The Bye Week Will Be Like

A half game out of first place.  An intense battle with Larry Fitzgerald and Patrick Peterson coming up.  A need to rebound following a disappointing loss to Washington.  A team in need of some serious progression this season.

The work week must be intense at Winter Park this week, right?  Well, probably, but there is also an abundance of TMZ-type stories going on with these Vikings and I thought we’d better just get them out there in the open here at VT, even though I would rather just avoid them.

Ponder Dates ESPN Reporter (And, No, It Isn’t Trent Dilfer)

Apparently the love life of NFL quarterbacks is something to keep track of.  That is why Christian Ponder’s Twitter announcement that he is indeed dating ESPN sideline reporter Samantha Steele created an internet stir.

Ponder had some candid, good-natured comments about their relationship when speaking with local reporters on Friday, and to be honest who can blame him:

Hey, I hate this Hollywood crap, but it is a step up from reading stories about Brett Favre’s texting habits.

Chris Kluwe Debates An Empty Chair (And, No, It Wasn’t Dilfer Either)

Chris Kluwe is a member of a rock band, has been a radio personality, is video game savant, and gets a handful of reps with a professional football team each week.  He has also decided to take on, in recent weeks, a Minnesota marriage amendment by publically engaging in written debate with the likes of former Vikings center Matt Birk and members of the Catholic Church.  Kluwe recently extended an invitation to a number of folks, including Republican Michele Bachmann, to debate the topic in a live, public setting.

Kluwe attempts to dispel the notion that gay marriage will somehow deteriorate our society, and asserts that the amendment is simply a form of discrimination and infringes on the civil rights of fellow Americans.  He was unsuccessful in his venture to find an opponent that felt up to a live debate, so instead he debated a chair that was filled with guests reading statements from those supporting the amendment.

The whole thing was streamed live, and will soon be posted, right here on this website.

Kluwe is so much in favor of equality for homosexuals that he opted, after encouragement from his wife, to pose in OUT Magazine, a publication geared towards gay people:

I suddenly have a great idea for The Hangover III!

A Quote That Brings A Tear To My Eye

Leslie Frazier provides Vikings fans with a refreshing break from the nonsensical, head-stratching quotes that Brad Childress doled out on a weekly basis for so many years.  Still, it is fun when the guy reemerges from time to time, now that he is no longer a part of our team, and allows us to reminisce about the old days.

On Thursday, Childress was being questioned by about upstart receiver Josh Gordon, and the Browns offensive coordinator had an interesting answer.

“I got off a cruise boat and somebody said, ‘We signed Josh Gordon,’ and I said, ‘Who’s Josh Gordon?’”

First of all, the image of Childress getting off a cruise boat, with or without Fred Smoot present, makes me giggle in my head.  Secondly, I find it terribly amusing that I knew who Josh Gordon was on that day but a “professional” NFL coach had no idea.  I guess now we know how we ended up with such a great group of receivers during the years Childress had control over our roster.

Anyways, I wonder what type of boat Childress was on…

By the way, Childress coaches for the worst team in the NFL.  Shocking.