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Hey, how about that? If last week’s win against Green Bay seemed improbable, it certainly seemed like mountains would need to be moved in order to milk a victory out of a road trip to meet Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers.

For a while, thoughts of victory seemed particularly dubious when the Panthers jumped to a 10-0 victory on their first two possessions and the Vikings offense looked like 11 guys wearing concrete blocks instead of clears.

Still, an impressive 22-10 victory is what the Vikings snagged out of Carolina, and now we have the privelage of once again awarding VT‘s “Player of the Game” award via the poll below. Eric Kendricks and Sam Bradford have each won the award through two weeks of the season.

Here are the nominees:


Adrian Peterson exits Norv Turner’s offense due to injury and we all knew somebody would have to step up to the plate to help fill the void. Stefon Diggs was the obvious choice, and for good reason, but on Sunday afternoon it was the tight end Rudolph that kept the chains moving and put points on the board better than anybody. Rudolph caught seven of his ten targets for 70 yards and a score. Not counting the touchdown, five of those seven catches were good for a first down.


Locke is on a roll, being nominated for this award for two straight weeks. This week, Locke punted seven times and once again helped his team win the field position battle at crucial moments. He averaged 48.4 yards on those punts, with a long of 65 yards, and placed three of them inside the 20 and only got stuck accepting one touchback. With Cordarrelle Patterson’s speed suddenly appearing at the gunner position, Locke was perhaps better able to unchain his leg a bit and have fewer worries about outkicking his coverage.


Everson Griffen was reportedly dehydrated and/or ill on the sidelines early in the hot Charlotte matchup, but that didn’t stop him from unleashing a terrific pass rush that played a huge part in neutralizing Cam Newton and causing turnovers. He ended the day with four tackles, three sacks, and another hit on Newton that helped the Vikings get a turnover.


The Vikings weren’t able to totally contain Newton, especially early on, but the success they did find was in large part due to the instincts and athleticism of their stud outside linebacker. Barr ended the day with seven tackles and a sack, playing sideline-to-sideline in a way that seemed to frustrate the Panthers offense similarly to what was on display during the Super Bowl.


Marcus Sherels had a pass defense late in the game that really should have been an interception easily returned for a touchdown. That little bit of defensive production, of course, is not enough to get a player on this list and it was a Sherels play on special teams that really seemed to be turning point for Minnesota when they were down early. Specifically, that play was a dash-and-bolt 54 yard punt return for a touchdown. He added another four yard punt return and an 18 yard kick return to his day.


Like I mentioned with Anthony Barr earlier, Harrison Smith was just a playmaker on Sunday, playing to both sidelines and keeping the offense in front of him. He had a pair of hits that were audible from your backyard even though your TV is in your living room. He ended up with seven tackles, a sack, and recovered the fumble following the Tom Johnson interception to ensure the Vikings kept the possession.


Name a defender and they should probably be praised for a number of things they did on Sunday. The offense is less worthy. Still, if I left your Player of the Game off of my nominees list then feel free to click the “OTHER” button and cast your vote in the comments section below.

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  1. Hunter, did something a viking hdnt done in yrs. Well timed safety got us on the board, got us momentum. . . watchin 4th round pick Dak Prescott starring in rookie role, what did we do in tbe 4th round?

  2. I voted “other”. None other than Zach Line.

    If not for Zach’s blocking prowess, Luke Kuechly might have had 15 tackles instead of only 13

    Game changer.

    1. I don’t know Ole, I think you have to give it to Michael Oher. Now some people might say this guy has already won big by getting adopted by Sandra Bullock, but to not recognize him after he got abused so badly by Everson and Hunter today just seems wrong to me.

      1. Can’t disagree with you on that point Dan T.
        But did you see Zach Line go Mad Dog on Kuechly those two plays? The ref had to separate them the second time Zach cleaned Kuechly’s clock.

        If Wally Carbo was still alive, he’d be promoting a death match between these two

  3. Marcus because down 10-8 after being totally outplayed at half feels a whole lot better than 10-2. The pick at the end of the half was huge too. Think about halftime 17-2. Do we win that. It was not until we took the lead 16-10 that the D could now start being more creative because it was not like if we blow it we are sunk.

  4. I picked Sherels because I think his TD changed the game. But honestly, anyone on defense or special teams could be called the MVP this week

  5. “other” – the whole defense; but griffen is a good choice with his three sacks, and waynes had a good game, too

  6. I went with Griffen, who had a monster game, made all the more impressive by the fact that he notched up those sacks after losing his lunch on the sidelines early on. But I think one cool cat who deserved to be included in the list of nominees was Xavier Rhodes. He completely shut down the Panther’s top WR Benjamin. His name wasn’t called often yesterday, but that was because he played so damned well.

  7. Xavier Rhodes returned to his Island and pretty much took out there best WR. His name wasnt called or the reciever all day. Thats a pretty good play there 😉