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Yes! We have a lot of weekly segments here at Vikings Territory during the regular season, but this is by far my favorite, especially following a victory. For those unfamiliar, this is where we nominate individuals and you vote one of them as the Vikings Player of the Game.

The Vikings pulled off a 25-16 victory on the road with Shaun Hill under center in somewhat unusual fashion. Not a single one of my bold predictions came true, and I’m okay with that given the outcome, but nobody could’ve really, truly predicted what would’ve been the deciding factors in this matchup.

Here are your nominees for Week One. Be sure to cast your vote at the bottom of the article and, as always, if you vote “other,” please leave your vote in the comments section.


The Vikings offense didn’t score any points, and they were snooze-inducing in the first half, but the veteran Hill was able to what was needed of him: not lose the game. As Adam Patrick pointed out in his recap, Hill coming out of this game with zero turnovers was huge in determining the outcome of this one. Hill ended the day with an extremely modest 18 of 33 performance in which he accomplished 236 yards through the air. He also picked up eight yards on two rushing attempts. Hill earned a 77.3 quarterback rating on the day.


The offensive line wasn’t perfect on Sunday by any means. They looked plenty overmatched in the run game, but it was clear that the Titans were selling out to stop the run for much of the afternoon and daring Hill to throw it. The easy-to-criticize left tackle Matt Kalil played a practically perfect game, and credit is due where it is deserved. Hill took zero sacks on the day and, unlike his right tackle counterpart Andre Smith, Kalil didn’t pile up the mental errors. His name was not mentioned at all, in fact, and we all know that is a tell-tale sign of solid left tackle play.


Pass catchers Stefon Diggs and Kyle Rudolph both deserve mentions for solid performances this week, and perhaps you think I’m wrong in not including them in the nominations here, but to me it was really Adam Thielen that deserves the most praise of the bunch. Not only was he a clutch target for Hill, earning himself four catches for 54 yards, but he was his usual dependable self on special teams, as well. Thielen is just one of those guys that always seems to be doing what is needed to win a ballgame, and if he keeps putting up performances like this, then Jarius Wright better get used to his seat on the bench.


There are a number of defensive efforts worthy of being highlighted in this game, for sure, but along the defensive line it could easily be argued that nobody made a bigger impact on the outcome than Hunter. Hunter had four tackles, one tackle for a loss, on sack, and that heads up scoop-and-run score that really put some distance on the score board.


The Vikings had literally no momentum heading into the second half of yesterday’s football game, but that all changed when some Everson Griffen pressure gave Kendricks a chance to undercut a short Marcus Mariota pass. Kendricks then rumbled for 77 yards and the score, a moment that certainly marked a shift in favor of the Vikings. Kenricks also had six tackles on the day, one of which was a beautiful knifing pop for a loss.


Stefon Diggs. Alex Boone. Harrison Smith. Trae Waynes. Everson Griffen.

While I try and nominate the guys that have the very best chance at winning the award, I also understand that no two people watch a football game and generate the exact same conclusions.

If you want to select “other” it certainly won’t hurt my feelings. Just let us know in the comments section below who it is that is getting your vote!


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Adam Warwas

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  1. gotta go with Zach Line on this one Adam
    His excellent blocking kept Shaun Hill upright and healthy

    1. Calling Zach Line “invaluable” would be a gross misstatement
      Line’s talent is subtle. He’s more like an Unvaluable type of player

  2. I thought Harrison Smith was the one guy who kept us in it early when things weren’t going that well.

  3. I believe I would have given game ball to Stefon sighs. the man was open all day long and if hill hits him on that wide open post route things would have been much different. he looked dominant.

  4. Just saw this…
    Shaun Hill completed 10 passes thrown 10 or more yards downfield. Teddy Bridgewater didn’t have that many in a game his rookie year. Sam Bradford has done it once in his career. (ESPN Stats & Info.)

    Looked it up, Titans were 11th in defense last year.

  5. I vote other.Brian Robison had a solid all round game including breaking up a screen in the first half.The score at H/T could have been a lot worse if not for B Rob.

  6. The only thing I disagree with Adam is the comment about Wright staying on the bench.Charles Johnson was awful,he’s the one who should be worried.

  7. I went with Hill. He started this game knowing that Bradford was picked up because the Team didn’t have a lot of faith in him. Even with pressure like that, he played an exceptionally solid game. I also very much liked what I saw of Kalil. Hope that play of his continues. A great 2nd half for most of the Vikings that saw the field today. (I say ‘Most’ and I’m looking right at YOU Everson. He needs to mow Harrison Smith’s lawn for the next 6 months.)

    1. Good take on Shaun Hill, Fran. He’s a pro.

      re-watch the game and compare the quality of blocks of Kalil vs Zach Line
      When Line is in, he makes everyone better

    2. Agree with you old buddy! Except…if not for Griffen getting in Mariota’s face , there is no Kendricks 77 yard TD.
      I went with Kendricks…but was seriously considering Hill.
      I told my son after Griffen’s penalty he damn sure owed Harry a beer! Maybe 2