Saturday, February 6, 2016

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The young Vikings signal-caller wins the fan-voted award, though there may have been better candidates.

UPDATE: Teddy Bridgewater has officially won the contest. Story as it originally appeared, below:

Pepsi’s fan voting contest on for rookie of the year has evidently picked a winner, despite the announcement coming later tonight. The interaction is still up at their website (update: no it’s not), but in case they take it down, here’s a screenshot:

Pepsi Rookie of the Year

It’s a big feather in the cap for Bridgewater, though of the five players, his performance was probably not the top one. Still, his five-week run at the end of the season was as good as anybody’s so it’s not as if Teddy doesn’t deserve it in an abstract sense.

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If you’re a Minnesota Vikings fan, you recognize the Purple Pimps. It’s impossible to miss them. Whether on the JumboTron, in the tailgate lot, or across official Vikings marketing material, the two men in purple suits have been iconic for the team for several seasons now.

But what is the real story behind the Purple Pimps?

Meet Jon Herzig, the man behind the suit.

Herzig grew up in Minnetonka, MN, and like most of the die-hard fans we’ve met, his father played a major role in his son’s passion for the Vikings.

“Growing up, my dad would listen to the games on the radio when we were doing chores in the garage or yard work,” Herzig said. “Ever since my Dad told me about the Purple People Eaters—talking to me about Jim Marshall, Carl Eller and Alan Page—I was hooked.”

Herzig’s passion for the Vikings was clear from the beginning, but it was not until 2005 that the Purple Pimps concept was born. That year, Herzig borrowed a cheap Halloween purple pimp costume from his brother. His dad added horns to the matching hat, and superfan attended Vikings game in the getup.

“I even went to the Green Bay game at Lambeau, and my dad painted a cheese head hat purple and added horns, so I was a ‘cheesy pimp,'” Herzig said.

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The Vikings aren’t playing this weekend, but either are 29 other NFL teams… what can you do?  Before getting this week’s Vikings links to you I just wanted to take a second to remind everyone reading this to be safe and smart during and after Sunday’s festivities.

Enjoy the big game, we’ll see the Vikings in there soon enough!

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Who wins Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale on Sunday?

I hear arguments from fan writers on both sides, carefully weigh the merits of their cases, and then act as judge, jury & executioner in the inaugural edition of PURPLE FTW! JUSTICE.

Representing Seattle is Dayna O’Gorman (@DaynaOG), host of the NFL Female podcast and rabid Seahawks fan. She was a member of the “12s” back when they were terrible, so you know that she’s legit.

General counsel for New England Patriots is Tom Murphy (@TMurph207), operator of and all-around Boston sports aficionado. He survived Tony Eason. That is all.

The judge cloak is on, the wig is straight, and the gavel is ready so let’s do this damn thing!

Full episode after the jump.

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NFL Mock Draft 2015 Brent
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Ahhh, yes. Mock draft season. There are about 4 months until the 2015 NFL draft. I realize that doesn’t seem like a lot of time, but come mid March, you’ll be dying for some NFL news.

There certainly isn’t a professional draft that gets as much attention as the NFL draft does. Hell, I’m not sure the NHL as a whole gets as much attention as the NFL draft.

There is so much parity within the NFL. A good draft can absolutely swing your team into contention. A bad draft could set your team back years if you miss on several picks.

I feel like the Vikings are a strong draft and a few key free agent signing away from being legitimate contenders. They’re also in a position where they can potentially go best play available, regardless of position. Because we’ve settled on a quarterback, we can likely have our pick at defensive back, linebacker or offensive lineman. Who do you think they’ll take 11th overall?

Click here to take a look at my first 2015 mock draft. Note that there aren’t any trades included, because frankly, that gets messy with so many current unknowns.

With the first pick...

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