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More Than Words MZF 16 Header 2

What is the #MoreThanWords campaign exactly? Allow me to catch you up!

The campaign is exactly what it sounds like: A bunch of us online writers and podcasters that have come together in an annual tradition of taking meaningful action to express our fandom. This year, that action centers around promoting and raising funds on behalf of The Mike Zimmer Foundation, which everyone involved on the planning side of things agreed was a very worthy cause that deserves the support of the masses.

In addition to raising awareness through a series of articles and pods on each of the participating sites, we have called upon the online communities of Vikings fans in an unique fashion that further sets you all apart as the NFL’s best fan base.

Our goal in 2016 was to raise over $10,000 by August 9th and…

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Only 10 players remain in our countdown of the Top 30 Vikings heading into the 2016 season. For the next two parts, we have decided to split the remaining players into two groups.

This week will feature the players that ended up in slots 10-6 of the list, while next week will reveal what five players finished at the top.

Make sure to check out the first two parts of this feature before reading any further.

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MTW T-Shirt Mockup 001With just over a month remaining until the 2016 #MoreThanWords campaign concludes, it is clear that the overwhelming response from you Vikings fans (and the elite level of support from Fan HQ) will allow us to crush our $10,000 fundraising goal benefiting The Mike Zimmer Foundation.

The collective group of online Vikings communities is not content to sit back and coast our way to success, however, and everybody is searching for ways to get us as far past that goal as we possibly can.

Today’s update includes an option many of you might find very appealing… especially those of you that can’t help but wear your Vikings pride on your sleeve.

MTW T-Shirt Mock-upVikings Territory is proud to present custom “More Than Words” T-Shirts available for purchase through Amazon at a very reasonable price. These shirts will be available between now and the the August 9th fundraising deadline with 100% of the profits going directly to the #MoreThanWords campaign.

The shirts are available in two tiers of quality and you’ll have the ability to choose from multiple colors and sizes prior to finalizing your purchase.

There are two main options available:

Here is the $21.99 version.

Here is the $19.99 version.

If the shirts aren’t your thing, but you would still like to contribute to this awesome cause showing Mike Zimmer he has the best fan base on the planet behind him, please consider donating here and making yourself eligible for one of the awesome prizes that we’re so very eager to give away.

[Please note: Yes, there are Vikings Territory shirts available through our Amazon profile. The #MoreThanWords styles are the only ones that benefit the fundraiser at this time, however.]

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2011 NFL Draft

[Editor’s Note: Taking the week off to head down to Podcast Movement! But I wanted to leave you guys with some content to get you through this desert of football news with one of our most downloaded episodes ever. Please enjoy and I’ll catch you next week. -Andy]

Hindsight is 20/20. That’s why we jumped in our DeLorean and went back to save the Vikings from themselves in 2011. There was a run on quarterbacks early in the first round and de facto GM Rick Spielman panicked and overdrafted Christian Ponder at #12. He did hit on Kyle Rudolph in the 2nd and Brandon Fusco in the 6th, but I think we can do a touch better with hindsight and our time machine.

Come along with Purple FTW! as we redo the Vikings 2011 Draft!

Other 1.21 Gigawatts Talking Points Include:
• The Rules of Time Travel
• Remembering the 2010 Vikings (For some reason)
• 2011 Refresher: Frazier, Musgrave, Pagac… LET’S GO!

The Original 2011 Draft Picks
1 (12) – Christian Ponder – QB – Florida State
2 (43) – Kyle Rudolph – TE – Notre Dame
3rd Round Pick went to New England in the Moss Trade (They Took Mallett) #74
4 (106) – Christian Ballard – DE/DT – Iowa
5 (139) – Brandon Burton – CB – Utah
6 (168) – DeMarcus Love – OT – Arkansas
6 (170) – Mistral Raymond – S – USF
6 (172) – Brandon Fusco – C – Slippery Rock
6 (200) – Ross Homan – LB – Ohio State
7 (215) – D’Aundre Reed – DE – Arizona
7 (236) – Stephen Burton – WR – West Texas A&M

• Who I picked instead (Spicy one in the 5th round)
• The real-vs-Andy 2011 Vikings Depth Chart
• The Andy 2015 Vikings Depth Chart (The Secondary is STACKED)

All that and other “Joe Webb signs a big time free agent deal so we can still draft Teddy!” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint.

Is the Offensive Line Fixed?
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This 10-part series focuses on the biggest questions facing the Vikings as they head into Mankato for their training camp festivities. Be sure to answer the first five questions HEREHERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.


There’s a belief hanging around the Minnesota Vikings that the team will suddenly contend for a Lombardi Trophy. After an offseason of free agent signings and coaching changes, the Vikings appear destined for greatness beyond the Wild Card round of the playoffs. Veterans are returning to full strength, new additions are pushing for starting jobs, and Teddy Bridgewater appears ready to take the next step.

But they won’t have a shot at a Super Bowl if the offensive line is broken. It’s the most crucial question facing the Vikings heading into 2016, and it’s a question that won’t be answered until the regular season begins. General manager Rick Spielman set his roster up to succeed, but it’s on the players at each position to embrace the competition and improve on a disappointing 2015 season.

Old faces, new names, and unknowns make up the 16-man depth chart, which will surely experience changes as the team runs through training camp. A step-by-step walk down the line reveals the strengths, weaknesses, and question marks facing the unit as they prepare for a challenging offseason.

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