Gathered together in Indianapolis, the 2016 rookie class of wide receivers have proven themselves to be historically slow when it comes to the forty yard dash. Our Minnesota Vikings, conversly, are reportedly using the NFL Scouting Combine as a chance to bring back one of the NFL’s fastest wide outs at a lesser price tag.

Bleacher Report‘s Jason Cole reports that the Vikings and Mike Wallace will discuss a pay cut in Indianapolis this week. Cole claims the source of this information comes from within the Minnesota Vikings organization.

Cole says that the meeting is scheduled to include Wallace’s agent, Bus Cook.

The news that the Vikings would like to keep Wallace should not come as a huge surprise, as the team has gone out of their way this offseason to praise Wallace for his unselfish ways and his leadership abilities this offseason.

The fact that they want to see his cap number decrease should also not be a surprise, however, as Wallace is set to cost the Vikings $11.5 million against the cap in each of the next two seasons under his current contract. According to Spotrac, the team could cut Wallace with no cap penalties, which many fans considered an inevitability given his 39 catch season as a Viking in 2015.

Just a few short weeks ago, rumors were floating around that the Vikings would indeed part ways with Wallace, and that could still end up being the case if the team and agent can’t compromise on value. At about that same time, VT‘s own Sam Neumann stated the case for keeping Mike Wallace around for at least one more season.

It appears that Mike Wallace departing Minnesota this offseason is not a certainty and the fact that the two sides are talking is an indicator that there may be a deal there to work out.

At the very least, it may be an indicator that Rick Spielman is not impressed with the wide outs he’s watching go through drills this week.