RUMOR: Vikings Expected to Cut Mike Wallace

No, it wasn’t Schefter or Mortensen, or Vensel or Goessling, or even anyone with an actual human name. But earlier today, someone tweeted that the Vikings are expected to cut Mike Wallace.

As you can see, the twitter account goes by the moniker “NFL Update,” and does have more than 33,000 followers, for whatever that’s worth. Other than that, we here at VT know very little about this account or who runs it. Yesterday, it tweeted the Giants were expected to release LB Jon Beason, and today Beason announced his retirement, so…sort of accurate?

It needs to be stressed this is nothing more than a rumor and, perhaps, just one person’s opinion at this point. There has been plenty of speculation regarding the status of Wallace and his $11.5 million contract in 2016, but thus far no credible sources have reported anything. The Star Tribune’s Matt Vensel did say he doesn’t expected Wallace to be back next season in a column last month, but that was just one part of a larger piece making educated guesses on how next year’s roster would look.

One tweet without a source doesn’t equate to anything other than a rumor. But, the rumblings have begun.

Yesterday I wrote a post advocating bringing Wallace back, which is not a consensus opinion by any means, but did spur some discussion. Mike Wallace is clearly overpaid for his level of production, and will likely be asked to take a pay cut if he hasn’t been already. If asked and he refuses, the Vikings will undoubtedly release him.

Many fans are ready to see the team move on from Wallace, arguing he added little to the offense in 2015 and the cap space could be better used elsewhere. Others think he can still bring something to the table, and the Vikings need as many offensive weapons as they can get. Time will tell what they’ll do, and it may not be long now.


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Sam Neumann

Sam Neumann is a freelance writer and lifelong Vikings apologist. He has seen his share of Vikings-related heartbreak, but believes we are united by the hope that one day that norse ship will come in. Sam is the author of three books, including the New York Times Bestseller Memoirs of a Gas Station. He lives in Denver, Colorado, and has had it with Broncos fans. You can follow him on twitter @NeumSamN.

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  1. The Problem with asking Wallace to take a pay cut is where they’re starting off at, $11.5 mil. In order for the Vikings to pay Wallace what his production last season measures up too would be an insult to say the least. He’s not even worth half of that salary. I really believe Charles Johnson, Cordarrelle Patterson and Adam Thielen could more than make up for Wallace compared to his output last season. They already are into Johnson for $510,000 and Patterson for $1.8 mil, while Thielen is a free agent who made $930,000 last season. Its just a matter of mathematics that they should let Wallace go. They could also make a play for Alshon Jefferies or another big WR in free agency or they could get one in the draft like Laquon Treadwell, Josh Doctson, Michael Thomas or a smaller burner like Corey Coleman,

    1. You had me until you said Patterson. He had NO WR output to make up for anything. Why would they throw to him next year?

  2. It’s not rocket science to understand that the Steelers let Wallace go because he’s not exceptional. Teams don’t let great players and teammates get away. I know Zimmer loves him but seriously, Norv hasn’t put players in a position to succeed since he’s been here. Don’t think for a minute the addition of Sparano and Shurmur is inconsequential. The stubbornness of Spielman and Turner to stick with Peterson is beyond logic. Pair a power back in the draft with McKinnon, upgrade the OL and get some depth in the secondary and this team is ready to rock!

  3. Zimmer did say that “if they could get things worked out that he wanted him back”, meaning they are working on a salary reduction. “

  4. The strength of Wallace’s contract is the flexibility we have. I could see us entering free agency with Wallace on the roster at his current contract similar to Greg Jennings before we landed Wallace. If Alshon Jeffery hits the open market for example, we’d give him Wallace’s contract and then some and guarentee a substantial portion of it and cut Wallace in a heart beat… But that’s not likely to happen as Bears will probably bring him back.

    If we don’t land a number of top free agents and don’t manage to bring back as many of our own as we plan, then we could even keep Wallace in his current contract in some instances, but not likely.

    Most likely outcome is either a release or restructure. There’s really a LOT of different directions the Vikings can go because they have so many players that they can release or restructure or trade to free up cap room. A lot of questions with Loadholdt and Sullivan coming back from injury and Berger and Clemmings did well enough to be given another season starting while we use the cash Kalil is worth having but not at 11.5M. Adrian trade rumors may pop up.

    $20M isn’t enough cap room.We need to bring back a number of our own, plus we want to extend Harrison Smith long term and potentially 2017 free agents like Munnerlyn or Charles Johnson. We’re going to want to frontload where possible as we have a lot of young talented players in the pipeline who will be hitting their 2nd contract and they will be getting paid close to the top at their position…. Sharrif Floyd DT, Xaviar Rhodes CB, and CPatterson will be the top paid kick returner since that’s all she is right now.

    The question is WHO is the cap casualty and ai imagine some of it will depend upon what happens to a few key targets in free agency.

  5. Captain Munnerlyn, Linval Joseph and Visanthe Shiancoe all improved considerably in their second seasons with the team. I’d be more than willing to bet on the same thing happening with Wallace, although a restructured contract with plenty of incentives makes sense.

  6. Wallace,just not a good fit.never liked his hands, this staff done everything right!!! Can’t wait for draft time.. Speilman ROCKS!!!!