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Vikings safety Anthony Harris inks franchise tender

On Sunday, Minnesota Vikings safety Anthony Harris signed his franchise tender, officially placing him under contract for the 2020 season.…

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General News

Vikings Make More Moves, Tag Harris and Re-Sign Ham

The Minnesota Vikings already made a splash by re-signing quarterback Kirk Cousins. However, this wasn’t the most surprising move as…

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VT Roundtable: Vikings Tea Talkers [VIDEO]

Welcome Back to the VT Roundtable! The team once again gathers around the table to talk a variety of different…

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Win An Autographed Kleinsasser Football for Donating to #MoreThanWords

The amount of support we’ve received for the #MoreThanWords campaign has been breathtaking. It’s incredible to see so many people,…

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Vikings Offseason Indicates Loyalty Means Little

Laundry. It’s a cliche to say it, but the truth is that is what we root so hard for every…

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