VT Roundtable: Vikings Tea Talkers [VIDEO]

VT Roundtable Episode 17

Welcome Back to the VT Roundtable!

The team once again gathers around the table to talk a variety of different Vikings topics. This episode features a five-man squad consisting of ever-optimistic Austin Belisle (@austincbelisle), ever-pessimistic Drew Mahowald (@DrewMahowald), ever-charismatic(@NeumSamN), ever-rational Adam Warwas (@vikingterritory) and the ring leader Brett Anderson (@brettAnderson87).  The group discusses whether or not they’re buying Michael Floyd’s kombucha story and joins Zimmer in his recent self-reflection to determine areas the head coach can improve. Things are wrapped up in entertaining fashion when the team picks what current Vikings player they’d want to be with on a deserted island.

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EPISODE 17 | Vikings Tea Talkers

  • Sippin’ On Kombucha: What’s next for Michael Floyd and the Vikings wide receiver group?
  • Ring of Honor: Randy Moss’ emotional presser and insight into Ahmad Rashad
  • Zimmer Reflection: Is it a good idea for Zimmer to hand off defensive play-calling to George Edwards?
  • Also Included: Vikings deserted island!

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