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Bump & Run, Week 4: We Didn’t Get Cancelled

In this episode of Bump & Run, I celebrate making it two straight videos without being shut down by the powers…

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Upon Further Review: Zimmer Suffocates Cam

1. Zimmer suffocates Cam. Since Mike Zimmer became the coach of the Vikings, the team has played the Panthers twice,…

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Alex Boone Injured in Vikings Win over Panthers

Lost in the excitement of yesterday’s win over the Carolina Panthers is the potential loss of Alex Boone. The Minnesota…

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Vikings Fantasy Preview: Week 3 vs Panthers

It seems like it has taken years (probably because it has), but the Minnesota Vikings may finally have a viable…

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Vikings-Panthers Preview with Travis Hancock of WFNZ [PODCAST]

The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings have looked more like Discovery Health this week with long-term injuries and surgeries befalling Adrian Peterson,…

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