Trading Places—The Vikings Search for a QBOTF

Vikings Territory Breakdown Podcast

A couple weeks ago the Vikings made a trade with the Houston Texans to acquire the 23rd pick in the draft in 2024 draft to go along with their pick (11th overall), and all the subsequent speculation centers on them trading up in the first round to grab a QB of the future. That speculation carries some weight as the Vikings lost their QB of the present in free agency, so they definitely have to make moves to secure on going forward.

The question(s) remain(s) can they get it done and what will they do if they can’t? Having two first round picks is great spot to be in, particularly if you don’t have to trade them away to move up, but the Vikings needs are great and many outlets predict a trade is coming. An even bigger question is what is the right price for that trade. According to head coach Kevin O’Connell (speaking at the winter meetings), the Vikings offering two firsts this year has more value that just than first rounders in future drafts, seemingly implying they don’t want to add another pick to their offer.

And who wouldn’t? Three first rounders to move up seven or eight spots for an unproven signal caller seems like a huge gamble for third-year regime to make. But beggars can’t be choosers and those teams holding the prized drafts positions (New England, Arizona and even the LA Chargers) get to set the market. The bottom line is that any such transaction has the potential to enrich or wreak the future of the franchise. No pressure.

Certainly, there is no pressure on the fellas from the Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast (Joe Oberle, senior writer at vikingsterritory and and Mark Craig, NFL and Vikings writer for the Star Tribune and We will discuss any or all potentialities and even what the Vikings might do if they can’t secure that most pivotable trade that the future of Viking Nation depends. Tune in and check it out.

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