CBS Analyst Declares the Packers Season ‘Over’

You Might Be Cheering for the Packers in 3 Weeks
Nov 6, 2022; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Mandatory Credit: Lon Horwedel-USA TODAY Sports.

It’s certainly been a rough month-plus for the Green Bay Packers. Somehow, the Milwaukee Brewers, who have not played a baseball game since October 5th, have won more recently than the Packers.

When a mediocre baseball team that didn’t make the playoffs wins more games than you in the month of October, you know there’s a problem, CBS analyst Pete Prisco appears to agree. In his latest set of NFL power rankings, he declares the Packers season is ‘over’ after they lost to the Detroit Lions in Week 9 by a score of 15-9.

Prisco dropped the Green Bay Packers into the bottom-five teams in the league, placing them at No. 28. They sit between the Detroit Lions at No. 27 and the Las Vegas Raiders at No. 29. Here is Prisco’s blunt write-up on the Packers through Week 9:

This is a bad football team. They look lifeless on offense. Aaron Rodgers is struggling in a big way.

Pete Prisco on the Packers

Truly, the Packers have been “lifeless” as Prisco describes them, especially on the offensive side of the ball. It seemed like they found something in Week 8 against the Buffalo Bills as they rushed for 208 yards during the 27-17 loss. However, that gameplan was not implemented in any fashion against the Lions. Aaron Jones touched the ball just 11 times, and the Packers scored just nine points.

However, the majority of the blame continues to fall on Aaron Rodgers. He threw multiple interceptions in goal-to-go situations, and the Packers easily should have scored at least 14 more points in this game.

As the Packers have gone on this five-game losing streak, the Minnesota Vikings have established a dominant lead in the NFC North. They’ve now won six consecutive games, improving to 7-1. Their division lead sits at 4.5 games, and their magic number is all the way down to five.

In Prisco’s power rankings, the Vikings find themselves in the No. 3 spot, behind only the 8-0 Philadelphia Eagles and 6-2 Kansas City Chiefs. Here’s what Prisco thinks of the 2022 Vikings halfway through the season:

All they do is keep winning games. It’s six straight now. They face a big game this week on the road at Buffalo.

Pete Prisco on the Vikings

It’s true. While the Packers continue to find every way to lose games, the Vikings keep winning games. There’s credit to place all over this Vikings team from Kwesi Adofo-Mensah’s team building, Kevin O’Connell’s coaching, and the players’ performances.

Most notably though, is the fact that we seem to be witnessing a different, more comfortable version of Kirk Cousins in 2022. It’s a joy to watch this team, and it appears as if they are well on their way to a deep playoff run.

This week, Green Bay’s schedule doesn’t get any easier as they face off with the 6-2 Dallas Cowboys. Meanwhile, the Vikings head on the road to take on the Buffalo Bills in what some fans believe could be a Super Bowl preview.

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