An Old Friend Returns and Has Some Questions

An Old Friend Returns and Has Some Questions
Brian Robison

Brian Robison had a weekly show as Vikings locker room reporter in the last years of his career. It was called ’96 questions’ and number 96, Robison his teammates questions. But not just some questions, the most important questions like ‘Who’s the biggest Suck up To Coach Zimmer?‘, ‘The most disgusting Person on The Team?‘ or ‘Teammate You’d Least Like To Date Your Sister?

As a side job, he was hunting quarterbacks on the field. Robison was a defensive end and running mate of Everson Griffen. Besides that, he mentored Danielle Hunter. His leadership was a big part of Mike Zimmer’s defense. He didn’t just have the ‘C’ for Captain on his jersey. He was the captain. In his last seasons, he often played inside on third downs to rush the passer with Hunter and Griffen on the outside. Robison literally called the defense on those downs.

One Of Spielman’s Best Finds

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Rick Spielman drafted B-Rob in the 2007 draft in the fourth round out of Texas. He would later turn out to be one of Spielman’s steals when he was still called ‘Vice President of Player Personnel.’ 

After playing for the purple team for 11 years and spending one year as a free agent, he retired in 2019. With him, the beloved show ’96 questions’ retired as well, and fans were not pleased by that. They missed the hilarious answers from their idols. But now, to the surprise of most, the Vikings are bringing back B-Rob, who´s ready to ask the tough questions again. 

Fans of his segment ’96 Questions’ don’t have to wait much longer. The return is scheduled for Tuesday, 6/21, according to the video the Vikings posted on social media. Justin Jefferson was not on the roster when B-Rob was still active, so the fan-favorite ´JJ´ will appear on the show for the first time. Kris Boyd is another entertaining character. Fans should be excited about seeing answering questions asked by Robison. Curiously, both were Texas Longhorns.

Productive On the Field

On the field, Robison played 173 games for the Vikings and racked up 60 sacks in his tenure. In 2013, the defensive end recovered a fumble and returned it for 61 yards to score his only career touchdown. 

Although he could never win a Super Bowl with his Vikings, he was part of a national championship team in college. His 2005 Texas Longhorns with quarterback Vince Young are still viewed as one of the best teams in college football history. 

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