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Janik Eckardt is a German sports nerd, who likes numbers and stats. He chose the Vikings to be his favorite team, despite Christian Ponder being the quarterback at the time. Soccer has been his first love. Classic rock is his music genre of choice and he loves sitcoms.

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Dec 7, 2023
There Is Good News on Injury Front beyond Justin Jefferson’s Return: More help is on the way.
Brian Flores Weighs
Dec 6, 2023
Brian Flores Has a Deep Message for His Players: His focus doesn’t shift towards potential future opportunities.
Dec 6, 2023
Vikings Shouldn’t Overthink Looming QB Decision: Overreaction is the enemy when it comes to making significant decisions.
Eagles Steal Defender from Vikings Roster
Dec 5, 2023
Raiders Promote Former Vikings Draft Pick ahead of Reunion: He will face his former team on Sunday.
Silly Narrative Laughable
Dec 5, 2023
Vikings To Announce Starting QB on Wednesday: Offensive coordinator Wes Phillips presents timeline for the decision.