Did Jalen Reagor really just decide to start taking pot shots at Justin Jefferson??

Recapping the 3 Vikings Trades
PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 01: Jalen Reagor #18 of the Philadelphia Eagles looks on against the Dallas Cowboys at Lincoln Financial Field on November 1, 2020 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

It’s a decision that might go down as one of the worst in NFL Draft history. When the Philadelphia Eagles opted to pick TCU WR Jalen Reagor with the 21st pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Minnesota Vikings were shocked and ran to the podium to select LSU WR Justin Jefferson. We’re talking so shocked that the team made a mini documentary highlighting their delight and what they thought would turn out to be the folly of Philly.

The rest is history, at least so far.

Through two seasons in the NFL Justin Jefferson has reeled in 196 catches, for 3,016 yards and 17 touchdowns. The yardage for Jefferson is the most since the merger for a wide receiver in their first two seasons, more than 260 yards clear of OBJ at the second spot. Meanwhile, Jalen Reagor has struggled to the tune of 66 total catches, 695 total yards and 3 total touchdowns in two seasons with the Eagles. He even finds himself rumored to be a Training Camp cut now that the Eagles traded added A.J. Brown to pair up with Devonta Smith.

The comparisons between the two as they head into year number three just aren’t fair, but they still exist due to the way it all played out on draft night.

Given these circumstances, why in the world would Reagor decided that right now would be the ideal time to start taking pot shots at Justin Jefferson and his talent? Well, it’s actually not for sure that he did but there is a quote that’s gaining a little steam online this week claiming to be from Reagor that trashes not just Jefferson, but quarterbacks Carson Wentz and Jalen Hurts as well.

According to a completely unconfirmed account, that was posted with no citation whatsoever, and includes terrible grammar and punctuation, here’s the quote that’s getting picked a bit up right now…

“Kirk has made JJ look ten times better than he is, if you watch his game he gets zero separation and only makes the catch when it’s good ball placement. I’ve had to deal with a terrible Carson Wentz and a struggling Jalen Hurts. I would probably be the best in my class too if I got drafted to Minnesota.”

Again, there’s zero confirmation that this is an actual Jalen Reagor quote. It’s hard to believe that a current member of the Eagles would slam his current quarterback the way that Hurts was supposedly trashed in this quote. It’s probably safe to say that we’re not stepping too far out on a limb to say that this isn’t a real quote, but it does highlight a real problem that Reagor deals with on the regular.

It’s not Jalen Reagor’s fault that the Eagles selected him and left the best wide receiver in the draft on the board. All he did was ball out in college and try his hand at the NFL…and it hasn’t worked out yet.

Even Jefferson has commented on the unfortunate nature of the scenario saying, “I hate it for him, being compared to me all the time.”

So while the two wide receivers will never square off mano-a-mano on the football field they will forever be linked together and compared due to a serndipitus moment that sent one to Philadelphia and the other to Minnesota.

That said, the two teams will find themselves up against each other on Monday Night Football this season for a Week #2 showdown in the City of Brotherly Love!