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AJ Mansour is the digital content director for KFAN & iHeartMedia in the Twin Cities, the self-appointed king of initials as well as one of our Vikings Insiders.

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Oct 2, 2023
NFL’s Glitchy Toy Story Broadcast Was a Smash Hit! Across the pond.
Bad Defense
Sep 26, 2023
If Kirk Goes to the Jets, a True FANTASY Scenario Could Play Out! AJ Mansour explains.
to win over nyg
Sep 20, 2023
Want the Goose & the Golden Eggs? Kirk Is the Key. AJ Mansour explains.
NFL: Minnesota Vikings Training Camp
Aug 10, 2023
How Far Down the Vikings Priority List Is Kirk Cousins? AJ Mansour explains.
Jun 12, 2023
Paul Allen Punches Back at National Pundit — A couple of friends + a war of words.