Minnesota Fans Are REALLY Down on 1 Potential Vikings Target

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Ahhh… It’s a tradition unlike any other. Each year, just like clockwork, NFL fans (usually of the same team) gather on their favorite social media network for an exercise in frivolous arguing during the days and weeks leading up to the NFL Draft.

NFL fans who hardly find the time to tap into college football square up against the NCAA die-hards as both remain 100% confident that they have the correct answer for their beloved squad. And, because it’s the Internet, everybody remains undefeated, which paves the way for the same wonderful tradition to take place yet again one year from now.

Minnesota Fans Are REALLY Down on 1 Potential Vikings Target

For Vikings fans, there’s an added element of intrigue this time. While the draft speculation continues to form leading up to the first round less than a week from today, another wrinkle that includes trading for a QB prospect has been dropped forcefully into our laps.

The Trey Lance to Minnesota trade rumors have boosted social engagement and considerably upped the in-fighting within the Minnesota Vikings fanbase this past week.

Minnesota Fans Are
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While there are certainly reasons to be intrigued by the prospect of Lance’s long-term success (Here’s 5 of Them), Vikings fans, as a whole, seem to be out on the idea that he could be acquired via trade from San Francisco. Here’s a bit of what they’re saying…

“He’s barely played, he hasn’t looked super great when he has played, and the 49ers giving up on him this fast (even after spending so much to get him) are all very bad signs.”@tippy2k2

This is tough to argue, and it’s one of the main trains of thought we saw come through. Remember that the Vikings had a front-row seat to see what Lance brought to the table during the joint practices with the 49ers last Training Camp. While SF certainly wasn’t showcasing everything, at that time, they were all-in on Lance, and a Vikings defense that we now know wasn’t that good — gave him problems.

“Injury history, lack of college passer profile, and if he sits behind Kirk and has a good year, going to have to pay him his next contract based off of one good year.” @JacobBooth6

Because of his high draft prospects and the value the 49ers paid to move up and get him, we often forget that Lance really only had one year of college football showcased before he headed into the NFL. Now it was a stellar year, albeit at a lower level of competition, but injuries and depth charts have kept him largely sidelined in college and the NFL.

4th Straight Offseason
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“Kyle Shanahan is an offense be genius. He is moving on, two years later, from a QB he gave up three 1sts and a 2nd for. I think it’s hubris to say we would have a totally different result.”@danielklaux

An interesting analysis here. We like to think that Kevin O’Connell has a pretty good offensive mind. Compared to the last regime, I think we can all agree with that. But even though he comes from the Sean McVay coaching tree, he hasn’t yet proven that he is on that level of offensive creativity and success. Kyle Shanahan has been there and done that, and he’s more interested in “Mr. Irrelevant,” the last player picked in the draft Brock Purdy than in the 3rd player picked a few years ago. That shouldn’t be overlooked.

Trey Lance Mania
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“He is coming off a major injury and has barely played in the last three years.”@Askill319

Also not to be overlooked is this concern from Aaron. We know what a healthy 19-year-old Trey Lance looked like against FCS competition with a stacked team at NDSU. Don’t get me wrong, that player looked amazing. What we don’t know yet, now three years later, is how that player can translate to the NFL. Furthermore, we don’t know how that player and his abilities may (or may not) be impacted by the lasting impact of this last serious injury. His ankle injury in 2022 required multiple surgeries to repair, and nobody has seen him back on the field at full speed since then. That’s a risky proposition to stake the future of your franchise on.

At the end of the day, the entirety of the situation depends on what the 49ers might be asking for in return for getting Lance? A first-round pick is entirely too much to consider, 2nd round (which the Vikings don’t have) also too much, 3rd round is where the conversation might begin, but 4th round feels right. Remember, too, the 49ers got burned by setting the asking price for Jimmy Garoppolo too high, so maybe they’ll be more reasonable this time.