NFL Draft 2018

2018 NFL Draft: Vikings Trade Out Of Third Round

Minnesota trades back with Tampa Bay.

After addressing the offensive line in the second round, the Minnesota Vikings dealt their third-round pick (#94 overall) to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Andrew Krammer of the Star Tribune reported the Vikings received the 102nd pick (fourth round) and 180th pick (6th round) in exchange for their third-rounder. The team is up to nine total draft picks. Minnesota has seven picks remaining in the 2018 NFL Draft, including four in the sixth round.

Vikings remaining draft picks

  1. Round 4 – #102
  2. Round 5 – #157
  3. Round 6 – #180
  4. Round 6 – #204
  5. Round 6 – #213
  6. Round 6 – #218
  7. Round 7 – #225

The Vikings used their first pick on cornerback Mike Hughes in the first round (#30) and then selected offensive tackle Brian O’Neill in the second round (#62).

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Sean Borman

Sean Borman is a writer with Minnesota roots that's still somehow an optimist. He was an intern with the Vikings during college and previously wrote for Rant Sports. You can find Sean on the golf course and on Twitter @SeanBoarMan.

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  1. Why do we trade back when we don’t have many needs? I’d rather see us trade up and get like 4 quality players out of the draft.

    1. Spielman said in his press conference that he thought they could get the same player at 102 that they would have taken at 94.

      Believe me Mark I’ve thought the same thing many times but Spielman’s strategy has worked recently so there’s really no reason to buck the trend if it’s proven to be successful.

      Like Rick said, “the more swings you have at the plate, the more chances you have to connect.”

      1. “Spielman said in his press conference that he thought they could get the same player at 102 that they would have taken at 94.”

        Hopefully, he’s talking about Maurice Hurst, who turns into this draft’s Myles Jack, proving that all of the worries about his health were overblown. I say this as someone who has never been a fan of the BPA philosophy – I prefer BPA only of the positions of need, and a 3-Tech DT is not as big a need as a 1-Tech NT is – but there are exceptions, and getting Hurst in the fourth round is an exception I’d be more than willing to make.

        1. I like Hurst personally. It’ll be interesting to see if they stay put at 102.

          What did you think of the O’Neil pick?