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Vikings Draft CB Mike Hughes w/ Their First Pick

After weeks and months of speculation the first round of the draft finally reached us last night and the Vikings, after an off-season where they basically overhauled their offense, decided to go back to what they know best with their first overall pick by drafting a corner out of Central Florida in Mike Hughes. Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer is known as a cornerback guru and so you knew that with some need for depth at the position (and perhaps at the nickel spot, as well), the Vikings would be taking a corner at some point in this week’s draft, however, it was a surprise that they ended up taking one with their first overall pick although it does seem that, at least on paper, the Vikings may have gotten a steal by picking up Hughes at 30.

Here are some of Hughes’ highlights:

The player that a lot of writers (myself included) expected the Vikings to take was Ohio State’s Billy Price, as they had shown some interest in him at the combine and because the need at (interior) offensive line is perhaps the greatest on the team. However, Price ended up being picked 21st overall by the Bengals, leaving the Vikings to perhaps go into Best Player Available mode. According to, Mike Hughes is the fourth best corner in this years draft (after Denzel Ward, Jaire Alexander, and Joshua Jackson), but some scouts actually rank him as the best corner in this year’s draft and ranked him lower because of some of his off-the-field concerns and a “Meh” combine.

Here are Hughes’ combine results:

As well as how he compares to other CBs:

So, with Zimmer probably in hog heaven, this move should shore up the cornerback position. With the Vikings reportedly looking to pick up Trae Waynes’ fifth-year option this move screams nickel and depth, as former second-round pick Mackenzie Alexander has struggled at times at the position. Hughes is also an electrifying return man, which could help on kickoffs or once Marcus Sherels retires. This also means that the Vikings should look to their offensive line tonight, especially considering the depth and players that are still available.

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    1. Running back? We need some depth there. Certainly hope they don’t waste any picks higher than about the fifth round on offensive linemen. But it’s Spielman I’m talking about so no worries there.

  1. I had a gut feeling Spielman and Zimmer would throw a monkey wrench in the draft of many fans ~ I think Hughes is a great pick for Zimmer’s defense ~ I’m not sold on an OL in round two either but I’m not predicting where the guy picked in round two will play ~ I could see a LBer or DL there or even a OG ~ Or they move Elflein to right OG after he had a year to get stronger in the Vikings weight program and then take a OG\Center type in round 3 ~

    With the zone blocking scheme the Vikings use they can get some very good players later that are viewed as undersized by NFL standards that can workout just fine for them ~

    Lets not forget that we have no idea how the Vikings view there young OL already on the roster ~ Hill or Isidora ~ The Vikings got a first hand look at these two guys all of last offseason workout and preseason and then throughout the year as they went against the Vikings DL ~

    I’m just hanging around waiting on the next pick ~ I can only hope its not a punter ~ LMAO 🙂 Come on day 2 of the draft Lets get this part started already ~

    1. Sagga, fragga, “I can only hope its not a punter.” I can only hope it IS an interior O lineman or a vertical tight end. “I can only hope its not a punter.” Bah, humbug!

      1. I can agree ~ But how about a TE and a OG in rounds 2 and 3 and in any order your like it ~ !!!! By the way we are not drafting a punter this year ~ We are saving our 1st round pick in 2019 for that ~ LOL Smiley Face 🙂

        I could see the top of the draft being defense or the next two picks being offense ~ I believe Spielman and Zimmer have more monkey wrenches to throw in to the draft ~ I could see a LBer tonight as well ~ These are just guesses and gut feelings ~ I’m wrong more than I’m right ~ You know that ~

        Oh by the way Spielman had to pay Zimmer back with the Hughes pick for him letting Spielman spend big on his QB ~ LOL