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Report: Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater Likely To Miss 2017 Season

According to a recent report from Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater will likely miss the entire 2017 season.

Bridgewater suffered a catastrophic knee injury a week before the 2016 season opener. The injury, sustained on a non-contact play during a normal practice session, included a torn ACL and a full knee dislocation. Fortunately for Bridgewater, the injury did not result in nerve damage to the knee, which could have been worse for the quarterback’s long-term playing prospects.

In the video published by Bleacher Report, Cole reported:

[quote_center]”Doctors told the team that the shortest recovery time for that type of injury has been 19 months. Based on that timeline, Bridgewater won’t be recovered until March 2018 in the best case scenario.”[/quote_center]

Cole’s reports haven’t always been 100 percent accurate, but this news nonetheless represents the first timetable on which Bridgewater’s recovery can be measured. Prior to Cole’s report, any timetable for Bridgewater’s return to the huddle had been pure speculation.

Given the severity of Bridgewater’s injury, most fans, media members, and analysts weren’t optimistic on Teddy’s chances to play in 2017. Thus, Cole’s reporting in the video probably isn’t news to a ton of readers and likely explains why general manager Rick Spielman pulled the trigger on the trade for Sam Bradford that sent the team’s 2017 first round pick to Philadelphia.

[quote_center]Do people still dislike that trade?[/quote_center]

Spielman and the Vikings front office will eventually face an important decision regarding the future of the quarterback position. But for now, the Vikings are set to ride into the offseason with Bradford following his excellent debut season in purple and gold. As Sam Neumann noted last month, Bradford appears poised to start for Minnesota when the 2017 season begins.

In 28 career starts over the 2014 and 2015 seasons, Bridgewater has completed 64.9 percent of his passes for 6,150 yards and 28 touchdowns to 21 interceptions. Bradford’s 2016 campaign included a 71.6 completion percentage for 3,877 yards and 20 touchdowns to five interceptions.

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Drew Mahowald

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  1. Just as you said, not really news.
    “But for now, the Vikings are set to ride into the offseason with Bradford following his excellent debut season in purple and gold.”
    I suppose if you wanna call 8-8 an excellent season, well okay. I guess for Bradford that’s probably true,

    1. Bradford had an excellent year. It wasn’t his fault the team fell apart around him. We were down to back up running backs and terrible o line mainly due to the fact we were down to one starter. We had 2 wrs that almost made the one thousand yard mark. Im very inpressed with Bradford and I am worried about him at the helm. Get him a running game and people who can keep him standing he will be fine. But onto the qb situation I think we better be looking at the draft for one. Idk if teddy will make it back. 2 years out of the league possibly more and could be very gun shy. We dont know if he will ever make it back.

      1. I thought about this the other day, too. It wouldn’t be completely asinine for the Vikes to target a later round QB this year. You can never be too deep at the most important position on the field.

  2. I really feel for Teddy. I was positive he was going to take the next step to being a top 10 QB in the league this year. But having missed this season from the injury, may have been a blessing for him down the line. With how horrible the O line played, Teddy would not have had a chance to progress. Likely would have been hurt at some point. How Mr. Breakable Bradford was able to be hit so often without being injured was amazing. The likelihood of him making it through next season too without missing games is small. Hearing Teddy will most likely be out next season as well is a bit of a downer. He would have been needed at some point next season. Instead we will have to endure watching a career back up or potential rookie the team drafts or signs play. Hoping the defense can score twice, like in Tennessee this year. Bradford completed 71% of his passes, because he had no blocking. Forcing short throws from shotgun or on 3steps drops. Until the O line is fixed, our offense won’t be good. No matter who plays. I hope the Vikings retain Teddy and give him a shot at being the starter again, when completely healthy. He’s proven he is a rough kid, who isn’t gun shy when taking a hit as he throws. Has shown good decision making and has the leadership qualities teams want from their leader. Bridgewater may still be a good NFL QB in a couple of years. I think he deserves a chance to be the franchise QB the Vikings were hoping for when they drafted him