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Vikings Have Rumored Interest In Two Wide Outs

The Minnesota Vikings have made some major moves in an effort to provide protection up front for quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, and that is continuing over night with a visit from right tackle Andre Smith reportedly taking place. However, they haven’t forgotten that Bridgewater also needs weapons around him and they are rumored to be cautiously window shopping for wide outs.

As I look over the list of remaining free agent pass catchers, one name clearly resides above the rest in my assessment, and that guy was on our roster very recently. I was really hoping to see Mike Wallace return for a second year in Minnesota, playing indoors and with more protection for his quarterback, but his release from Minnesota reportedly doesn’t make that second year an impossibility.

Ian Rapoport tweeted this weekend that Wallace’s return to Minnesota was still “on the table.” This comes along with news that Wallace will visit the Baltimore Ravens on Monday, but it is expected that the Ravens are not able or willing to spend a great deal of money for the services of the speedy Wallace.

Wallace could very well be kicking himself right now if he is finding that the open market is less lucrative than whatever it was the Vikings had been offering him as a restructure. For that reason, it seems very possible that Wallace could indeed return to the Vikings if the stars align just right.

He may also be a possibility for another former team of his, as the Pittsburgh Steelers are potentially going to play all of 2016 without their young star Martavis Bryant following his suspension.

There is also a rumor floating around the internet that Vikings Territory has been unable to locate the origination of. So, let say that again to make sure it is clear: We regard this as nothing more than a rumor at this point. That rumor is that the Vikings have expressed interest in free agent wide out Rueben Randle formerly of the New York Giants.

Randle has yet to turn 25 years old and boasts prototype size at 6′ 2″ and 208 pounds. I know the start of his career had been frustratingly inconsistent for Giants fans, but that isn’t to say it has been all bad. He had a career high in yards in 2014 with 938 and also posted a career high in 2015 with eight touchdowns. Both of those numbers are considerably higher than any posted by receivers on the Vikings roster last season.

Randle has also been quite durable, playing in all 64 regular season games of his career.

Rick Spielman would almost certainly like to have at least one more legitimate wide out on the roster prior to the NFL Draft, but it remains to be seen if Wallace or Rueben could actually end up being brought aboard.

The Vikings could absolutely be targeting receivers in the upcoming Draft, regardless of whether or not they sign a free agent, and here are the prospects that we’ve compiled scouting reports for so far:

Geronimo Allison
Tyler Boyd
Josh Doctson
Rashard Higgins
Sterling Shepard
Michael Thomas
Laquon Treadwell







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Adam Warwas

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  1. Have feeling Wallace signs with Ravens. Like to have him back, but Randle would be cool.

    1. Not sure Ravens will offer enough money.Rumors yesterday that they were only willing to pay a “budget” salary,around $3.5 to 4 million.
      i agree with Adam,Wallace reportedly left $7 million on the table at Minnesotaa,and right now he would be feeling very anxious about how things will pan out.

        1. Actually, I think Harvin fits Bridgewater like a glove if he’s healthy. Randle will drive us all to distraction with his softness on the field. Harvin is anything but soft.

  2. I agree with Adam (again 😉 ) as it would have been great to see Wallace have another year for the reasons Adam stated.Randle is the type of free agent Rick likes,still young,has potential to improve,and could be had with a short term prove it deal.
    I think teams are starting to figure out that this draft class is not the greatest,so some insurance in FA is a good idea.

    1. I completely agree with all of this . Randle does fit that mold we like and it would be pretty awesome if we could be the team to bring Randle talent to light . Right now I am extremely concerned with our group of wide recievers … I think it’s our biggest hole and as you said this draft class certainly isn’t the best . I think it’s very necessary to bring Wallace back or get a guy like Holmes or Randle . The group we have currently just isn’t going to cut it and having to count on some guy to come out of the draft and be a huge contributor isn’t ideal

      1. Well it depends on what you’re saying, because if doctson, thomas, or Treadwell fall to us they would be a great pick where we are sitting, in any year. I think the problem that is fooling most people is that most years there is some elite, crazy, insanely talented wide receiver that no one passed pick 4 is gonna have a chance to draft. Because of that we are all thinking that this class isn’t very good. And it may prove not to be. But I think those 3 guys at our position would be a good pick in any year. I’d say all 3 of those guys are better than Patterson was thought to be and we are drafting a spot further back this year. Fact is, Treadwell is a must pick if he falls. And the other two warrant very serious consideration. I think bolstering the line is to set up us drafting that way, so we don’t have to draft offensive line. We will see thi

  3. Folks on the Giant SB nation page really saying Randle is a fine #3. Apparently he turn the ball over quite a bit, and his effort is questionable by them. All I’ve ever seen are the highlights and he clearly has potential to make plays, but having read more about Randle really hoping Wallace resigns.

  4. I’m starting to think this whole Rueben Randle rumour is a load of BS.Have checked multiple sites that I regard as reliable,and not one of them has any mention of the Vikings being linked to Randle.Probably explains why VT has been unable to confirm the source,which is most likely Randle’s agent trying to garner some interest from GM’s.

  5. Dont forget Corey Coleman! 35 TD’s and over 3800 total yards in his 3 years at Baylor. But it’s his 20 TD campaign last season that Pops.