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Vikings Lose Their First Player To Free Agency

2012 third round cornerback Josh Robinson entered the 2015 offseason as a favorite to start within Mike Zimmer’s defense, but a year later he is exiting Minnesota and the Vikings are said to have not put up much of a fight.

Robinson is the first Vikings unrestricted free agent to leave for another team this offseason, as reports have him signing a one-year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday.

Robinson flashed as a rookie, had a terrible season in 2013 when Leslie Frazier forced him to play in the slot, and then rebounded nicely playing outside in Mike Zimmer’s 2014 season (Alshon Jeffery aside). His 2015 season was derailed by an offseason pectoral injury and the more than one local beat writer has suggested the Vikings never intended to bring him back once his contract expired.

While the opinions differ among our writers here at VT, I’m comfortable putting it out there that I am disappointed not see the 25 year old cornerback return to provide depth and potential at a position where those two things are always valuable. His height (5′ 10″) likely did him no favors, however, as Zimmer has made it known he much prefers cornerbacks with larger frames.

Robinson was born in Florida, attended the University of Central Florida, and so this becomes somewhat of a homecoming for him. As opinions go, I think Robinson has a great chance at being successful in Tampa Bay, and we wish him the best of luck.

Rhett Ellison, Terence Newman, Matt Asiata, Chad Greenway, Jason Trusnik, Robert Blanton, and Casey Matthews are the Vikings free agents that currently remain unemployed by an NFL franchise.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Lose? Maybe not the right word.

    He was very frustrating to watch. Almost always in the right place to make a play, just didn’t make the play. I don’t think you can learn those skills, they have to be there to be developed.

    Again, frustrating. He could have intercepted numerous passes, defended many more, had he been looking in the right direction.

    Good luck to him.

  2. To be honest, I’m a little confused by that. He was capable young backup with starting experience and good upside. I don’t think we can get anyone with that resume at that price

  3. It seems that the general consensus is one of mixed feelings. Could’ve, should’ve, maybe would’ve. I think that using the two TD’s by Jeffries as a measure is unfair. Josh gives up 6 inches to Alshon, he was in single coverage with no over the top or outside help, the only way he could have stopped those TD’s is to commit pass interference or anticipate and cut in front. The latter would have left Jeffries wide open for a pump fake and an easy pass over the top to the corner of the endzone. On the other hand, he did have two full seasons to make an impression. With Rhodes and Wayne drafted plus Newman and this year’s depth at CB in the draft… maybe a foregone conclusion all things considered. Many hype on me for my seemingly obsession with height, this is an example of one with good coverage skills but can be exploited by a good QB and a much taller receiver. All things being equal, I would rather see a corner with more height if they are expected to be providing man to man coverage. He might just be at least ok in a predominantly zone coverage defense.

    1. He’s got to make the split decision in that case – give up 6 points, or commit the PI. Sure, you give up yardage, but you allow your D another chance to cause a fumble/INT, sack, or 3&out.

  4. Another fkn disappointing year I guess…..I don’t understand ……every since childress we’ve gon dwn hill…..imma jst turn into general football fan….feels like being a vikings fan adds years to your age….now mike Wallace I completely agree with…..he took too much cap room…..didn’t perform how he should’ve….. But we need a Megatron like WR to replace em’ for teddys sake @least til he believes enough in himself….. Doesn’t have to be Calvin but we need SURE HANDS

  5. A change in scenery might be just what Robinson needs. I’ve still got pretty high hopes for him, as in potential starter or quality No. 3 on outside.