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Kelechi Osemele Sounding Like A Real Possibility

Rick Spielman and the Minnesota Vikings fan base appear to be on the same page when it comes to upgrading the offensive line this offseason. The most clear evidence comes in the form of “tampering period” reports and rumors suggesting that the Vikings are willing to offer a significant contract to guard Kelechi Osemele.

This report comes after the Vikings made a series of offseason moves proving they plan to improve their blocking situation, which started with the acquisition of line coach Tony Sparano. On Monday, they also successfully convinced right tackle Phil Loadholt to return on a greatly reduced salary, while also retaining the young Carter Bykowski.

The report indicates that Osemele is expected to sign a contract “well in excess” of $10 million per year which would likely make the league’s highest paid guard by a wide enough margin… if he is signed to play guard. The Baltimore Ravens initially drafted Osemele to play left tackle, before kicking him inside where he was far more effective, and I can’t help but wonder if the Vikings are willing to pay Osemele like a left tackle because they plan to play him there.

If the Vikings can reach an agreement on terms with Osemele before Matt Kalil’s massive contract becomes guaranteed later this week then they could part ways with Kalil with a decent enough backup plan in the fold. If the Vikings decide to keep Kalil, or seek a long-tern replacement at left tackle via free agency or the NFL Draft, then of course Osemele could slide inside where he has played his best NFL football and the Vikings could use an upgrade.

In short, Osemele is an expensive upgrade, but one that could give Rick Spielman a lot of flexibility when it comes to filling out the rest of the O-Line.

For more on Osemele’s free agent fit with the Vikings be sure to CLICK HERE to learn about what he brings to the table.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Very interesting. In the name of being a contrarian, does this mean the end of Fusco instead of Kalil? Or both? I think we need to know what they plan for Sully before reading these tea leaves. Doesn’t look promising for Wallace, I’ll say that much.

    1. Fusco’s cap hit this year is only 4 million, and the Vikes only gain $1,650,000 in free space if he’s cut. That’s probably not worth it, especially since if he could recapture the way he had been playing before last year he’s be a real asset. Given the fairly low offer they gave Harris I imagine they plan to move him back to RG.

  2. It’s highly doubtful they would sign both Omele and Kalil, it would cost too much. Kalil may end up where Omele played, the Ravens, and do a good job like McKinnie did.

    1. Ah, hope springs eternal…

      The difference between McKinnie and Kalil being that the former was a long-term starter who was effective, if not outstanding, while the latter appears to be a bust after a full-time four-year sample. Kalil might be a worthy pick-up for another team as a project and potential starter but anyone would be crazy to pay him starter-money right off the bat.

  3. Love hearing this! I thought since we re-signed Sendejo, we would sign OL instead of Safety. Glad they’re focused on priorities, fingers crossed!

    1. There are numerous reports that the Vikings are interested in Reggie Nelson,but without knowing the full details of the Sendejo contract,it’s difficult to know how genuine that interest would be.
      If we landed Osemele that would be awesome.

  4. Honestly, I would rather have them sign Schwartz and resign Harris. They could do both for less than it would take sign Osemele and improve 2 spots on the line. Just a thought.

    1. Harris resigning is not dependent on Osemele. There is room enough for both. Osemele for his versatility is a greater boost to this line than is Schwartz.

      1. Agreed. We already have Loadholt and Clemmings at RT, with Sirles and Shepherd as additional options.

  5. It sounds like Harris might be on his way out,as the Giants have reportedly reached out to him.
    The Vikings have also been mentioned as having interest in Schwartz.
    Osemele would certainly offer flexibility.I was hoping they would also make a run at Jeff Allen.

  6. Osemele could possibly move in to the LT position if Kahlil regresses. That would make him a really valuable investment. He is young and tough. He would be a great piece to add. If we could get him and Iloka, we would immediately be better on both sides of the ball. We would enter the draft without needing two positions that aren’t very deep! That’s a big deal!

    1. Or kick Kalil to the curb and look to draft a LT. If he is not ready day one then Osemele can hold down the LT spot until said rookie is ready or a suitable replacement is found (next off season maybe – remember eye on the prize – operation home town super bowl win on schedule).

  7. I don’t think the Vikings will offer “well in excess” of 10mm. I maintain that at the end of the day the value will be around 10mm per or even slightly less, but will have sizeable portion guaranteed maybe up to four years. Time will tell, but I just don’t see the Vikings paying more than 10mm per. Sticking to that.

  8. Raiders have reach an agreement with him. Price probably way to high for Vikes. Raiders have huge cap room.

    1. Apparently for 11m per. Not “well in excess” of 10m but still too much for Spielman to spend on a LG. I can accept that in the abstract but would have loved to sign him as LG and/or short-term LT because, Dear God, I want to cut Kalil!!!!