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2014 Minnesota Vikings: Adrian Peterson Won’t Pursue Plea Deal

According to Tom Pelissero, there have been no plea negotiations and Adrian Peterson will not agree to any plea deal. Lawyer Rusty Hardin is still believed to be attempting to expedite the trial, but from the sounds of things will not be able to get everything resolved by the time the season ends. Further details:

Pelissero believes the Vikings have not ruled out Peterson playing for him again, based on his conversations with his sources. Again, this comes as another angle on the Vikings-Peterson “will they or won’t they” saga, with Jason Cole and Chris Mortenson reporting opposite things on whether or not the Vikings believe they are finished with Peterson. Pelissero’s take is not definitive about which direction the Vikings are leaning (as opposed to the contrary takes from Cole and Mortenson), but does say the Vikings haven’t made a final decision.

He also says “there will definitely be some teams calling” should the Vikings choose to shop Adrian Peterson on the trade market.

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