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Injury Update: Kyle Rudolph to Miss Six Weeks, Adrian Thinks He Will Return By Season’s End

After Kyle Rudolph’s in-game groin injury and Brandon Fusco’s pectoral injury, there were concerns inside and outside the organization that the Vikings would not be able to use them this season for some time. Albert Breer reports that Rudolph will undergo a sports hernia surgery that will take him out for six weeks, and Matt Vensel confirmed it.

Mike Zimmer’s presser didn’t get into much detail, but Brandon Fusco will get a second opinion about his pectoral injury—some of those can last for some time. Wanting a second opinion usually isn’t a good sign (i.e. the team’s prognosis is a longer recovery), but don’t read into it too much. Depending on the grade of the strain, Fusco could be out for anywhere between a couple of days (Grade 1) to a couple of months (Grade 3). Don’t be surprised if it’s a Grade 2 tear, because a Grade 3 would be detected in short order and a Grade 1 would likely not force a second opinion. Grade 2 tears take anywhere between 2-6 weeks to recover.

Matt Cassel will see a foot specialist. If it’s an acute metatarsal fracture, like most broken foot injuries to athletes, it would take six to eight weeks to really heal, and longer to get on a field.

Chad Greenway has a broken rib. Asked if he could play with that and a broken hand, Mike Zimmer said, “not the way he did yesterday.” Zimmer took responsibility for putting Greenway out there with little practice.

Jason Cole reports at the Bleacher Report that a source close to Adrian Peterson and a source within the team told him that “they believe he will return this season and that eventually he will get his legal woes fixed in the state of Texas and that he’ll be able to play again this year.”

Cole buffered that with a warning that some people, especially in the league office, who are wondering about whether he’s subject to the personal conduct policy and suspended for the rest of the season. Cole says if that happens, there’s a chance the Vikings will move on from Peterson altogether.

Naturally, this doesn’t square with earlier reports from Chris Mortenson that the Vikings have already planned for his long-term absence.

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  1. Repeating: crime is mens rea- “intent”, AKA “the guilty mind”. Rice was treated with ,id gloves because he was a star, Peterson- whose case shows no sign of bad intent- is being handled like the plague because he is a star.

    Quite unfair, and clearly due to influence peddling the opposite way of Rice. If you think spanking should be outlawed, make your case honestly rather than ruining peoples’ lives like this. How are Peterson’s kids better off if he can’t work? The right answer is to teach him better ways to discipline. And the PC social service lobby, which would scream “racism!” about any other situation is leading the charge here. A pox on their houses.

    I actually think that the Vikings would be better off with a gdecent back who was not Peterson, because it is sort of important to be able to block and catch in modern offenses- and Peterson doesn’t do either well enough to earn his big paycheck. But the current overblown lynch mob is evil.

  2. Hell yeah…the sooner AD is back the better. Injuries got us a bit yesterday. Hodges played well…maybe he can build off that. Lack of running game hurt, Teddy looked good…missed some swing passes. Very good pocket presence

  3. Who the hell is Jason Cole? Jason Cole? We’re talkin’ about Jason Cole.? The only thing Jason Cole should be commenting on is Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers.

  4. Who cares about some running back. Bring us some real news about Rudolph’s replacement.

    We’re talking about everyone’s favorite hunk of man meat, Jeff Meta Universal World Peace Dugan!!!!

    Why haven’t the Vikings signed him? I’m guessin’ it’s because he has been quarantined in Sierra Leone while he is discovering a cure for the Ebola virus thus saving mankind. It’s either that or he is busy concocting a new shade of Ash Blonde hair dye. Both issues are equally important.

    Get on this story, Arif …….