Reports: Adrian Peterson Not in Vikings Future, Will Expedite Trial

According to Chris Mortenson at ESPN, the Vikings don’t have plans for Adrian Peterson in their future. On ESPN’s Sunday morning NFL show, Mortenson said “Several league sources say Adrian Peterson has not come to grips with the fact that his 2014 has all but officially ended.  His future is in doubt after being indicted for these child abuse charges related to inflicting injuries on his four-year old son.”

His piece at ESPN follows that up by specifically citing team sources for his information. According to Mortenson, sources say Peterson is “in denial” when it comes to his future with the Vikings and that he “doesn’t get it.” Also on the show, “Mortenson said the Vikings themselves do not foresee Peterson in their future.” Mortenson also indicated that any punishment from the NFL will be severe, particularly because Roger Goodell specifically used the phrase “child abuse” in his catch-all press conference on Friday.

On a different note, Ian Rapaport has a report indicating that Adrian Peterson is asking for his trial to be expedited:

It sounds like we already know what that decision will be.