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Center Free Agent Rankings

[NOTE:  Click the links to see our free agency rankings for quarterbacksrunning backs, fullbacks, and tight ends.  We’ll continue our way through all of the positions this week.]

The Vikings are pretty set when it comes to the starting center position, despite John Sullivan’s recent knee surgery, and that is a very good thing.  Why?  Because the free agent class leaves a whole lot to be desired.

If the Vikings want to find a better backup for Sullivan, then they should probably be looking to the NFL Draft, not free agency.

Top Tier

There are none that belong here.

Second Tier

Nope, none here either.

Third Tier

Alright, this is better.

1.  Dan Koppen, DEN

2.  Todd McClure, ATL

3.  Joe Berger, MIN

4.  Steve Vallos, JAC

5.  Kyle DeVan, TEN

6.  Brad Meester, JAC

7.  Doug Legursky, PIT

8.  Rich Ohrnberger, ARI

9.  Jamey Richard, NE

10.  Dylan Gandy, DET

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  1. well now exatly the best group.. perhaps we should just keep berger and be done with it

    1. I wonder if they feel Fusco could shift over and handle the line calls if they needed him too. Part of his performance issues at guard last year were supposedly a matter of thinking too much, so I would be a little concerned with him playing center for any extended period of time. They rotated quite a few guys through the practice squad last year and have a few on futures contracts for next season and beyond. None are listed as centers but you could see a guy emerge from that group. They are pretty good at bringing in late round guys and Undrafted FA’s to fill that #2 role. Too bad Saulsberry didn’t stick last year, he ended up on Denver’s P-squad and then got suspended towards the end of the year.

      1. saulsberry was actually locked in to starting at a gaurd position at some point I think in the 2011 season, unfortunately he had a very serious spine injury.

        1. Wrong guy, your talking about the former Bengal tackle Scott Kooistra which is a sad story. Saulsberry was the rookie free agent from Miss. State we picked up after last years draft. One of the higher ranked centers in the class.


    Peterson said he didn’t receive any treatment for his pain until the Week 13 game against the Green Bay Packers, when he received a cortisone shot in the pelvic area.

    He said the pain was the worst against the Houston Texans in Week 16, a game in which he finished with 86 yards.

    “That was the first time that I really doubted myself and questioned whether I would be able to continue the season,” he said. “The pain was a 10 on a scale of 10.”
    Now this dude is a tough as nail we all know, but come on! 10 out of 10 on the old pain scale? Doubt it. AP is never one to minimize his heroics. Here is a direct quote from AP… ” Next year I plan to run for 7,000 yard, catch 120 ball, punt, and start at outside linebacker because EJ’s brother is completely incompetent”. Freds loves the guy, but AP, settle down! A 10 out of 10 on the pain scale is like when your arm get’s chopped off or maybe Chuck Norris gives you a good kick in the seeds. But a sport hernia is like a 7 MAYBE…at most! Like Freds said, love the guy, but AP loves the theater of it all!

    In advance of your question Cals, no, Freds has never met Chuck Norris.

    Thank you.

      1. The pain-rating scale is a derivative of the injury itself, and not transferrable across injuries. Therefore, his response is in relation to the pain that could normally be expected for a sports hernia, as opposed to the aforementioned arm severation or groinal blunt force trauma. AD is simply telling us that, as far as sports hernias go, “this sucker was a bad one”.

        Freds, I am glad that I could correct this misperception on your part, and therefore maintain the highest opinion possible of our star RB.

    1. ok, so you’ve never met chick morris, but have you met mr. green jeans? he was really the one who could kick seed

  3. Will the Vikings get in trouble now for not reporting that AD wasn’t practicing?

    1. They did report he wasn’t practicing and he was listed with an abdominal injury so they should be fine.

        1. Read the link above. AD is even saying in the article, that he wasn’t listed as not practicing.

  4. I’m still not worried. I’m pretty sure they listed him every time he missed a practice, they didn’t call it an abdominal injury until near the end of the season, but he was listed under the “rest” category or something to that effect. Nothing Peterson said in the article would make me think the league has any amo for a fine. He didn’t say “The team doctors told me I had a sports hernia right after the Detroit game.” That would give the league some reason to investigate and ask why the Vikes didn’t list it as that specific injury. Peterson said he didn’t know the extent of the injury until later, so there is a very good chance he didn’t inform the team of his level of discomfort until they did start listing it as an abdominal injury. He also played in every game, so it’s not like they were wrong to have him listed as probable.