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Free Agent Tight End Rankings

[NOTE:  Click the links to see our free agency rankings for quarterbacks, running backs, and fullbacks.  We’ll continue our way through all of the positions this week.]

The Vikings are in an interesting position at tight end.  Any drama hinges on their willingness to keep John Carlson who underachieved in his first year with the Vikings, but would cost just as much cap space to cut as he would to keep.

With Kyle Rudolph in command of the tight end depth chart and Rhett Ellison showing signs of being a great role player, the Vikings seem unlikely to make any big moves at the position, but it is always worth looking to see who is out there.

Top Tier

Even after 16 years in the NFL Tony Gonzalez is producing in Atlanta’s offense, and if he decides to keep playing, then it seems very likely that Atlanta is where he will stay.  Martellus Bennett seems equally as likely to stay put with his Giants team that boosted his career in a big way.

If I had a man crush on one tight end free agent it would have to be San Francisco’s Delanie Walker.  The seven year veteran seems to give everything he can every time he steps on the field.  He isn’t going be a focal point of an offense, the Niners already pay Vernon Davis to be that, but he is an excellent option for team’s that like to use multiple tight end sets like the Vikings do.

Second Tier

4.            Fred Davis, WAS

5.            Anthony Fasano, MIA

6.            Jared Cook, TEN

7.            Dustin Keller, NYJ

8.            Brandon Myers, OAK

Third Tier

9.            Ben Hartsock, CAR

10.          Will Heller, DET

11.          Travis Beckum, NYG

12.          Benjamin Watson, CAR

13.          Dallas Clark, TB

14.          Chris Cooley, WAS

The Rest

15.          Leonard Pope, PIT

16.          Dante Rosario, SD

17.          Gary Barnidge, CAR

18.          Jake O’Connell, KC

19.          John Phillips, DAL

20.          Billy Bajema, BAL

21.          Cameron Morrah, SEA

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    1. Isn’t it Bjohnny’s MO to kind of disappear for a few weeks after the Vikes season ends? He is like a bear, dude needs a few weeks off before he wakes up for the spring with recharged Viking energy. Freds guy Krugs does the same thing, except Krugs does his recharging in the nut house. By season’s end old Krugs has smashed every small appliance in the house in fits of anger while watching our Purple. It’s kind of like Bjohnny taking a rest from all the excitement, except Mrs. Krugs has a standing reservation at Silver Lakes Home for the Weary starting February 1 of each given year. Krugs will be enrolled in a couple classes this winter to help with the transition:

      1) Angry Management – 301. Must have taken AM101 and AM 201 to enroll. Taught by prof. Brett.
      2) Kick the dog, not the wall, your toe will thank you and hell, it’s just a dog.
      3) Recovery. Why bother? – When all else fails, screw it, just move on.

      Krugs, your old pal Freds knows you can’t read this right now as you and Billy Bibbit are probably in the sun room with Nurse Ratched, but get better, next year promises to be a wonderful one.

      As for you Bjohnny, get some rest and we will see you soon.

      Don’t worry both Bjizzle and Krugs will be fine and we will wait for their return.

  1. Bennett and walker are too high (should be 7th or 8th) and Chris Cooley is too low, should be 8th-ish. The TE’s I like best are Fred Davis and Pitta…
    Speaking of Pitta shouldn’t he be on here?

    1. Pitta and Dixon are both restricted FA’s that will likely be tendered by the Ravens.

  2. Guards, man. We need guards! Hurry up and do the guards, Adam, and then lets go get some.

  3. wouldn’t miss carlson, but no reason to dump him now. guy’s a set of china in a bull pen

  4. I really wanted M. Bennett last year, but we took carlson instead..
    – If I would target one TE in this years free agency (too perhaps replace carlson, or whatever they decide to do) it should be Fred Davis or Jared Cook