Free Agent FullBack Rankings

[NOTE:  Click the links to see our free agency rankings for quarterbacks and the running backs.  We’ll continue our way through all of the positions this week.]

Top Tier

Adrian Peterson did the best running of his career behind fullback Jerome Felton who signed a one year deal with the Vikings prior to last season.  Naturally, his success will make him the top rated fullback on the free agent market ad Vikings fans will be disappointed to see the front office let him play anywhere else.

Expect the Vikings to try and get the lead blocker under contract before free agency begins.  A three year deal to the tune of $9 million sounds about right for their Pro Bowl fullback.

The second best option in free agency would have to be the young James Casey, who stepped up when Vontae Leach departed Houston.

The Rest

3.  Greg Jones, JAC

4.  Mike Cox, ATL

5.  Corey McIntyre, BUF

6.  Lex Hilliard, NYJ

7.  Quinn Johnson, TEN

8.  David Johnson, PIT

9.  Alex Smith, CLE

Restricted Free Agents

These are the fullbacks that will be restricted free agents this offseason:  Darrel Young (WAS), Brock Bolen (JAC), Eddie Williams (CLE), and Chris Gronkowski (DEN).  Young is clearly the best of these options and would draw plenty of attention if he is not tendered by the Redskins.