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Free Agent FullBack Rankings

[NOTE:  Click the links to see our free agency rankings for quarterbacks and the running backs.  We’ll continue our way through all of the positions this week.]

Top Tier

Adrian Peterson did the best running of his career behind fullback Jerome Felton who signed a one year deal with the Vikings prior to last season.  Naturally, his success will make him the top rated fullback on the free agent market ad Vikings fans will be disappointed to see the front office let him play anywhere else.

Expect the Vikings to try and get the lead blocker under contract before free agency begins.  A three year deal to the tune of $9 million sounds about right for their Pro Bowl fullback.

The second best option in free agency would have to be the young James Casey, who stepped up when Vontae Leach departed Houston.

The Rest

3.  Greg Jones, JAC

4.  Mike Cox, ATL

5.  Corey McIntyre, BUF

6.  Lex Hilliard, NYJ

7.  Quinn Johnson, TEN

8.  David Johnson, PIT

9.  Alex Smith, CLE

Restricted Free Agents

These are the fullbacks that will be restricted free agents this offseason:  Darrel Young (WAS), Brock Bolen (JAC), Eddie Williams (CLE), and Chris Gronkowski (DEN).  Young is clearly the best of these options and would draw plenty of attention if he is not tendered by the Redskins.

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  1. We have cap room… go ahead and resign him!

    And to think I was ready to cut him after his DUI last year.

    Speaking of signing before free agency begin… Percy could also work out his differences and sign a new deal before free agency begins, right?

    If Harvin was in the long term plans for the Vikings, wouldn’t now be a good time to work things out?

    Harvin is not saying a word… and the Vikings are not seeing an issue. Maybe it is just me, but something just doesn’t seem right?

    1. well yea looking bad it was a pretty good signing by speilman to have this kind of year for a FB.
      The reasoning behind perhaps signing Casey over Jerome Felton is Casey is way more versatile. He brings more to the offense that just blocking.
      But I think Felton is far the superior blocker and I think he really makes a difference when he’s in the lineup. I wouldn’t bo to sad to have casey instead, but I think Ellison fills casey’s role on the team

  2. Hey everybody, I start a new forum topic. We have a lot of new faces here. The Topic is where are u from, how long have you been a Vikings fan, and how long have you been a VT fan? link is here…

  3. Ideally they will know what direction they are going with Percy before free agency, but he is under contract for next year. I’m actually wondering if his whole situation may be of a personal nature and have nothing to do with the relationship between Percy and the Vikes. Sometimes its easy to forget that these guys are people and there are other things besides contracts and football injuries that could cause this break in information. He could have a personal or family issue completely unrelated to football and they certainly wouldn’t be advertising it to everyone. The silence from both sides makes me wonder if it could be something like that. But getting back to the FA’s, I would expect both Felton and RT Phil Loadholt to be resigned before FA opens up, they’re not going to use the tag on either guy. Both are included under broad tags for O-line and RB’s, so the price would be pretty steep.

    1. Plus with Harvin Vikings can franchise tag him. So Vikings have upper hand. But do you want a unhappy Harvin on your team?

    2. Hey Dan T check this forum out….Hey everybody, I start a new forum topic. We have a lot of new faces here. The Topic is where are u from, how long have you been a Vikings fan, and how long have you been a VT fan? link is here…

    3. yea We don’t want to spend 9 mill a year for a FB .. that would be a huge cap hit..
      Loadholt is also very important for us to have a succesfull offseason. If Loadholt isn’t resigned I think it changes a lot in how we should “attack” free agency and the draft.

  4. Hey Adam or Brett set up a open draft scenario post? Let everybody post what if this happens. What if this guy is available. What is Vikings trade this guy. I think it would be fun to do it now. Then again maybe, after scouting combine, then again week before the draft.

  5. sorry, I am no fun today… I can’t debate with Malte or mix it up… I agree with all his wisdom today.

    In response to the open draft scenario post comment… A contest where VT commenters could guess what the 8 Vikings draft picks will be… Could be fun.

    The person that correctly identifies the most players that the Vikings actual select during the draft… wins.

    You can only submit 1 name for each Viking draft pick.

    Adam/Brett- Can you spring for a grand prize for the winner?


    1. haha dang it.. I really wanted to have some great debate once again.
      As for the open post comment thing we could set up one in the forum part (you’ll have to register if you haven’t already)
      – as for the prize I’ll leave that up to Brett and Adam.