Tuesday, December 1, 2015

sharrif floyd

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    If the 2014 version of Mike Zimmer’s Minnesota Vikings needed to focus on improving one area, it was very easily their ability to win within the NFC North. Last year, the Vikings lost five of their divisional matchups, with their only win coming at home in Week 17 against an uninspired Chicago Bears team.

    This week the Bears are not feeling quite so down on their luck and the fight will take place in their house. The Vikings are undefeated against NFC North teams so far this season, but they have only faced the hapless Detroit Lions thus far.

    The Vikings will have to win without Sharrif Floyd in the lineup yet again, but the excitement surrounding rookies Stefon Diggs and Eric Kendricks has the team looking like the superior squad this week.

    Discuss all the action and the fallout in the comments section below!

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    The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings got their second divisional road win since 2009 Sunday afternoon at Ford Field, rebounding from a slow start to top the Motor City Kitties 28-19. The Zimmer Hellfire Defense sacked Matthew Stafford seven times en route to a 2nd half defensive shutout as the Purple roll to 4-2 and hope to catch playoff momentum as we barrel along the 2015 campaign.

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    All that and other “Vikings…. Come out and play-ayyyyyy” nonsense on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

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    (photo courtesy of Vikings.com)
    Vikings Injury Report
    NamePositionInjuryWed.Thur.Fri. Status
    Floyd, SharrifDTKnee/ankleDNPDNPDNPOUT
    Trattou, JustinDEFootDNPDNPDNPOUT
    Asiata, MattRBRibLimitedLimitedFullProbable
    Clemmings, T.J.TKneeLimitedLimitedFullProbable
    Griffen, EversonDEIllnessDNPFullFullProbable
    Johnson, CharlesWRRibFullFullFullProbable
    Munnerlyn, CaptainCBThumb_____FullFullProbable
    Newman, TerenceCBAnkleLimitedLimitedFullProbable
    Peterson, AdrianRB FingerLimitedLimitedFullProbable
    Wright, JariusWRHandFullFullFullProbable

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    Thee Arif Hasan makes his weekly pitstop to talk about our Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings (3-2) and how we look to move two games above .500 in this 2015 season.

    Topics include: Why Stefon Diggs is the greatest thing since sliced bread, how Harrison Smith is somehow still underrated nationally, how the cornerback room will shake out with Captain Munnerlyn balling and Josh Robinson coming off of PUP, and if Vikings fans should fear Matthew Stafford getting back to just throwing up YOLO balls to Megatron as the crux of their offense.

    All that and other “The Twin Cities hottest club is SPY-SEE. This place has everything.” nonsense on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

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    Read all of Arif’s stuff at The Daily Norseman and Vikings Journal as well as listening to his podcast Norse Code.

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    The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings held off the Kansas City Chiefs 16-10 Sunday afternoon at The Bank in a game that more resembled a rugby match if said match had bad officiating, sloppy play, and was nearly unwatchable. But other than that, the game was great! A win is a win in the NFL and we dive into the reasons for the elevation to 3-2 and why we damn near lost it all.

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    • Eric Kendricks First Start
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    • Blair Walsh Didn’t Mess Up. Cool. Way to do your job.
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    All that and other “A Win is a Win is a Win” nonsense on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

    An Andy Carlson Joint.

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